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We help private individuals and business owners look after the trees on their land. Our services are completely dependent upon your needs and the health of your trees. Tree Top Pros wants to help move, remove, improve or replace your trees in the City of Fort Myers, Florida.


Trees can be a huge benefit for you personally

Trees have many benefits for the environment, our community and also for you in terms of the quality of life and in the value of your home. Some of the financial benefits are as follows:

  1. Trees are valuable - Each grown tree has an appraised value of between $1,000 and $10,000, say the Council of Tree and Landscape Appraisers.
  2. Trees can increase your property value - Put together, your mature trees can add 10 percent on top of your property value, promise the U.S.D.A. Forest Service.
  3. Trees can reduce your electricity bills - They can even help you pay your bills. Florida’s residents pay 4 times the national average in what it costs to keep their homes cool. By planting two shade trees on the South side of your property and one on the West side, Fort Myers residents can save up to 40% of their cooling costs. Arbor Day Foundation’s 2013 report into Energy Saving Trees confirms this. Our August Tree care Diary available here recommends that August is a great month to plan the planting of new shade trees.
  4. Trees cool your yard – Trees have this fantastic additional outdoor cooling effect. Transpiration through the leaves of a large tree has the same cooling effect as 10 domestic air conditioners working 20 hours out of every 24.
  5. BUT and it’s a big but, Moneysense warn that the value of your trees depends very much on their condition. Badly trimmed trees and those with dead limbs and missing bark are considered a risk to your property and could decrease your home’s value.

In essence, your trees are most definitely an asset but can quickly become a liability if they’re not cared for properly.

The full extent of our tree care service for customers in the city of Fort Myers is listed at the bottom of this page. Suffice to say they extend from tree planting, tree moving, tree cutting, tree pruning, tree trimming and a professional tree removal service.

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What problems do people face with their trees in Fort Myers?

Our staff regularly observes the following inquiries by individuals and property-owners residing in Fort Myers. Which one of these relates to the predicament with your own tree?

  • I would just like much more tree shade to slash my air-conditioning expenses (by almost 40 per cent). Actually, in our August Tree Care Diary we show you how to do plan the planting of shade trees yourself!
  • I can see a heavy-looking limb looming my property which might possibly fall off!
  • I have high trees in my grounds that give rise to an excessive amount of shade cast over my lawn and other, lower plants.
  • I possess a pretty big, ancient tree that is probably perishing and has to be taken out. I’m looking for reliable tee removal companies near me to handle this for me.
  • A number of my trees need trimming to improve their condition. Are you one of those tree trimming companies too?
  • I am worried about severe weather that’s forecast resulting in damage to my trees and my building.
  • I possess a tree which appears infected and unhealthy.
  • I need to get help with city and county ordinances as they relate to tree work in my neighborhood.

The way we help customers with their trees

Our experts are able to assist with all the tree services required to solve the dilemmas listed above. When invited by customers to work on their trees, we try and abide by the following principles of good service:

  1. Our company is going to provide our best cost estimate with respect to the services required, permit you as much time as you need to review our prices. On the other hand we can begin immediately at a mutually practical time.
  2. Our team will certainly respect your property and back yard whilst tackling your trees and also do our very best to safeguard your property from the affect of any type of heavy machinery, for instance.
  3. We protect our workers with thorough training program, properly maintained gear as well as adherence to community, state and nationwide safety rules.
  4. We firmly believe in beginning work on time with regard to agreed appointments and will always clear away debris after our work.
  5. When asked to perform tree removal, we’ll indicate to you whether you’ll need to obtain a municipal or county permit for vegetation removal based on our local working knowledge of the Fort Myers and Lee County tree codes. It’s sometimes not clear cut as there are exemptions in certain cases but not in others. Even so, it’s easy to check by getting in touch with the right city and county departments. We’re not lawyers but will happily share what we know about the local permit rules in our industry along with contact numbers for the relevant government departments.
Tree trunk section in the shape of a heart

Our tree-based ethos

Our team at Tree Top Pros all love trees and working with them. We are lucky because Florida has many more tree species compared to any other state in USA, apart from Hawaii. Aside from the financial and lifestyle benefits for individual owners of trees as explained at the beginning of this page, when in good health and positioned in the right location, trees provide:

- relief from the sun’s heat
- oxygenation of the atmosphere we breathe
- a scaling down of pollutants in the ground and in the air
- a slowing down of run-off from storm water
- a reduction in greenhouse gases such as CO 2 from the atmosphere
- support for native animals such as birds and small mammals, vital for the good health of our surroundings.

On the other hand whenever trees start becoming sickly, diseased or weakened, they can probably grow into a danger. Within built-up surroundings, they're quite often left very little room to fall to the ground without leading to damage to dwellings and people. Whilst our professional staff would sooner help nurse them back to health, some trees are really too far gone. Usually, in such situations, our experts will likely recommend their removal in the most safe and cost effective manner.

Safeguarding staff members' safety at your property

Personal protective Equipment (PPE) is required when it comes to any sort of tree work. A quality firm is going to work within the rule of law so as to make sure their staff group is offered protection while operating at height and on the ground.

In spite of official certification, extensive training sessions as well as PPE, workers can suffer from mishaps. Many are minor but some are not. Your tree services company is accountable for the costs of medication and therapy in the event of injury and with regard to loss of income.

Arborist high up in Florida pine tree

Safeguarding you from most if not all liability

However, when the tree company does not pay out injury-related bills on behalf of employees, at that point you as the property-owner are next in line to pay such costs and also loss of income. Therefore your chosen tree service provider has to have Employees Compensation Insurance available in order to eliminate your potential obligations if something goes wrong.

Our recommendation is to make sure you query any tree company you select if they have up-to-date Workers Compensation Insurance. Because without this most important insurance policy there is a likelihood, albeit a slim one, that you could be liable in case there's an incident on your premises.


Protecting you along with your residential property too

Incidents in our business sector CAN and DO occur, even with each of the cautious measures taken to reduce the risk. To eliminate any adverse financial impact on you and your house or company premises, your selected tree company must have personal and also property damage liability insurance in place in order to cover these kinds of incidences.

In point of fact, you ought to make sure you make sure that any kind of tree contractor service that you employ has in hand this type of insurance policy as well as workers Compensation Insurance readily available. Simply ask to look at their official documents of insurance. The last thing anyone wants is any 'Peter with a power saw' creating chaos in your yard. The damage arising from plummeting limbs alone can easily run into many thousands of dollars. And you may well be responsible if the individual hurts himself as detailed in this article. Your selected firm simply MUST be properly insured.

Don't ever let anyone who cuts corners on insurance coverage,
let loose to work on your trees!

Service prices

Simply put - very affordable and competitive! Our company like being active and so we'll provide you the absolute best rates we can. Any time you're weighing rates from competing offers, be sure to assess whether or not your chosen firm has the insurance policies in effect so as to protect themselves, your home, your finances and also your neighbor's building just in case of any inadvertent incidents or, heaven forbid, personal injuries to workers.


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