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Devastating hurricanes, ‘storms with no name’, and flooding events in the state of Florida can have a major impact on the health of your trees. Complete removal is a drastic but sometimes necessary solution to your tree problem and it forms a major part of our tree service.

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Trees are amazing

They clean our water, they oxygenate the air we breathe, they reduce intrusive noise and they slow down the rate of climate change. Trees also encourage biodiversity because they are home to many different plant and animal species. According to the Arbor Day Foundation, one large tree can provide a day’s supply of oxygen for up to four people. They’re good for the planet, our environment and they lift our mood. They also increase the value of our homes if well-maintained. More than 99.9% of the time they are a purely benign presence in our lives.

So why is it necessary to remove trees?

Trees are mortal

If a tree is diseased, then it loses its physical strength which harms its ability to hold aloft tens or hundreds of tons of wood and leaf, especially in a windy storm. So when we’re invited to inspect your trees as part of our removal service, we always look for the following weaknesses:

Lean – If your tree starts to lean to one side where it wasn’t leaning before, it might indicate a damaged tree. Damage can be more severe if accompanied by bare and/or drooping limbs without leaves.

Roots – The health of the roots is equally important for the wellbeing of the tree. If they reveal damage or rot, then your tree is probably at risk. Fungus on either the roots or near the bottom of the tree trunk indicates dead wood. If there’s a lot of fungal growth (mushroom-like protrusions), there will be no saving the tree and it will fall down sooner rather than later.

An uplift of soil around the roots indicates a partially uprooted tree. One strong gust could see the tree falling down, hopefully not onto your house.

Trunk - Fine wood particles around the base of the trunk means that tree-boring beetles are inside laying eggs. In this case the damage will go on unseen. The tree will become progressively weaker from disease and lack of structural integrity. Then it will fall down.

Other signs of disease can be observed if the trunk has bark missing or very loose bark. We check for holes and cracks in the trunk too, especially if recent.

Rotten tree with a damaged trunk
tree workers remove cut tree branches by feeding through wood-chipping equipment

Tree Removal Service – the 6 steps to solving your problem tree


  1. Following your inquiry, we will be happy to provide you with an outline of the best course of action for your problem tree. We will also provide you with a FREE cost estimate on a no-obligation basis. A visit to your home or property may be best to fully understand the scope of works, especially when removing trees.
  2. Once you accept our proposal, a mutually agreeable appointment will be fixed between us so we can undertake the required work.
  3. There are local and state laws relating to tree removal – see below. In most cases action on your tree will necessitate a tree removal permit which we will be happy to obtain on your behalf, if you wish us to do so.
  4. We pride ourselves by turning up on time. Our trained tree professionals will then undertake the work as safely as possible.
  5. We will then remove your diseased or dead tree from your property and dispose of waste materials by recycling or reprocessing as required. Alternatively, you can keep the wood-chips to mulch your other garden plants and so reduce watering charges in the future.
  6. We will check other trees on your property and recommend a low cost care program to save you money and time in the future. After all, “a stitch in time saves nine!” For example, prudent tree trimming will make your trees safer in a storm by reducing their wind resistance and lessening the chance of them being blown over.

Emergency Tree Removal

The above steps are suggested to maximize your satisfaction with our services. However, we can fast-track the process and respond more quickly if there’s an emergency. Call us and we’ll quickly run through the timing and our charges to complete emergency tree work.

Florida law and county law

In the state of Florida, removing trees requires that you first obtain a permit in most cases. There are some exceptions, however. There are also variations in the regulations between counties and municipalities. In Miami Dade county, for example, the owner needs to sign a permit request to move or transplant trees which have a diameter of more than 3 inches at breast level. We can take care of this for you if appointed to do your work.

Tree Removal Cost

We make every effort to keep our costs and therefore your charges as low as possible. The costs vary depending on ease of access, tree species, tree height and size, the nature of the problem with your tree and whether additional equipment such as a crane is needed. We do not believe that cutting corners on safety, training, insurance and licensing is the best way to operate our business. Instead, we firmly believe being fully insured and our crew properly trained is the best way to prevent costly damage to your home and to protect any potential liability against you, if there’s an injury to one of our workers. But you will find our solution to be costed competitively and the work done efficiently and safely. We can offer you some savings by giving you the option to pick up debris after the tree is extracted, perhaps to use as firewood. We prefer to leave your yard tidy and debris-free but it’s up to you.

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