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Damaging tropical cyclones, sudden windstorms and flood events in the state of Florida could have a critical effect on the health of your trees. Tree removal is certainly a drastic but sometimes required answer to your tree-related issues. Here’s where we can help; tree removal is an important part of our service to the residents of Kendale Lakes.

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Trees are incredible


They purify our ground water, they oxygenate the atmosphere we breathe, they reduce unpleasant noise and slow the speed of climate change. Trees likewise underpin biodiversity as they are home to several plant and animal types. As reported by the Arbor Day Foundation, one sizable tree is able to provide a day's supply of oxygen for as many as 4 individuals. They are, without a doubt, desirable for the Earth, our natural environment and they uplift our spirits. Over 99.9% of the time they are a simply benign presence in our life.

So what is the aim of removing a tree? So why is this, the most severe kind of tree service, called for?

Trees are living bodies but for a finite time


In the event that a tree is impaired in some way, before long it depletes its strength which hurts its capacity to support aloft 10s or even 100s of tons of timber and leaf, particularly in a severe storm. And so when our company is invited to assess your trees as part of our tree removal service, our arborists definitely look out for the following indicators:

Stance - Should your tree begins to slant to one single direction where it wasn't slanting previously, this can indicate a compromised tree. The problem might be much more grave in case its seen with naked and/or drooping tree branches with no leaves.

Roots - The condition of the tree's roots is every bit as relevant when it comes to the physical condition of the tree. If they display damage or decay, then your tree is most likely at risk. Fungus sprouting from either the roots or around the bottom of the tree trunk means dead timber. If there is really a a lot of fungus infestation (mushroom-like protrusions), there will be no sparing the tree and it will tumble down sooner as opposed to in the distant future.

A loosening of earth close to the roots indicates a partially uprooted tree. Just one powerful wind event could very well result in the tree collapsing, with luck not onto your house.

Trunk - Fine wood particles around the bottom of the trunk reveals that tree-boring insects are inside or laying eggs. In this instance, the damage will most likely take place hidden from sight. The tree will certainly become steadily weaker from disease and also loss of structural integrity. Then it will most likely fall down.

Additional signs of disease might be noticed if ever the trunk has bark missing or very loose bark. We check for openings and cracks on the trunk too, especially if fresh.

Hollow tree - We may also use an increment borer tool to take a small sample of the trunk to the center to see if there’s a hollow tree. A sounding hammer can also be used to find out if there’s a hollow sounding noise when the trunk is tapped. A tree can be up to 30% hollow before there are concerns about its overall structural integrity; the bulk of the tree’s living tissue is close to the outside of the tree underneath the bark, not at the core of the tree.

Trunk - Fine wood particles around the base of the trunk means that tree-boring beetles are inside laying eggs. In this case the damage will go on unseen. The tree will become progressively weaker from disease and lack of structural integrity. Then it will fall down.

Other signs of disease can be observed if the trunk has bark missing or very loose bark. We check for holes and cracks in the trunk too, especially if recent.

Rotten tree with a damaged trunk
Tree being removed with a crane

Tree Removal Service - the 6 moves we make to fixing your diseased or dying tree


  1. Having received your request, our experts will be more than happy to offer you a summary about optimal removal options for your problem tree. In addition, our people are going to provide you with an expense quote, for free. A trip to your place or building will be a good idea so as to completely understand the scope of works, particularly when removing trees.
  2. Shortly after you accept our plan, a mutually acceptable date and time will be established between us so we are able to carry out the required work.
  3. There are community rules as well as Florida state legislation concerning tree removal - see below. Most of the time, tree extraction will require a tree removal permit which we will acquire, assuming that you wish our company to do so.
  4. Our team pride ourselves on starting work on schedule. Our qualified tree professionals can then perform the work as safely and efficiently as we can.
  5. Our company will at that point get rid of your diseased or lifeless tree from your backyard and dispose of waste wood by means of recycling or reprocessing as necessary. Then again, you will be able to keep back the woodchips if you wish to mulch your other garden plants thereby decreasing watering costs in the upcoming months or years.
  6. Removing trees may be costly as it’s a dangerous type of remedial action. And so our arborists will most likely inspect various other trees in your yard and propose an affordable maintenance plan to save you money as well as time in the long run because "a stitch in time saves nine!".  For example, judicious tree trimming will most likely ensure your trees are safer when it comes to a windstorm by means of lowering their wind resistance and also helping reduce the prospect of being actually blown down.

Emergency Tree Removal

The above steps are suggested so as to maximize your total satisfaction by using us for your tree work. Nonetheless, our company is able to fast-track the project and take action faster in the event that there is an emergency. Contact us and our experts will promptly go through the timing and our broad costs to complete any sudden tree service.

Florida legislation regarding removing trees

Throughout the sunshine state of Florida, clearing away trees entails you first procure a formal permission in most cases. There are some exemptions, however. Presently there are also variances in the codes among districts and towns. Inside of Miami-Dade county, for example, the tree owner needs to sign a permit request in order to move as well as uproot trees which have a diameter of over 3 inches at breast level. Our team can attend to securing a permit for you if appointed to do your services.

Tree Removal Cost

We make every effort to hold our rates and so your keep your fees as affordable as we are able. The costs vary according to simplicity of access, tree species, tree elevation and size, the extent of the issue with your tree and if additional machinery like a mobile crane or hydraulic bucket vehicle is required. Our firm do not provide 'cheap tree removal' because our firm do not think that cutting corners about safety, training, insurance and certification is without a doubt the most reliable approach to manage our organization. Rather, we firmly believe being completely insured and our technicians successfully trained is the most reliable solution to avoid costly damage to your home and to eliminate any latent responsibility against you, in the event that there's an accidental injury to one of our team members. Instead you are going to find our services to be well-considered, costed sensibly and the job done successfully and safely. Our company can give you some savings by allowing you the chance to pick up waste after the tree has been removed, maybe to utilize as firewood. Our company would prefer to leave your yard tidy and debris-free but it's up to you.


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