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Terrible hurricanes, "thunderstorms without any name", lightning strikes as well as flooding events here in the state of Florida can absolutely have a serious effect on the health and well-being of your trees. Removal is simply a major but very necessary answer to your tree issue in North Miami. Tree removal is certainly an important and regular part of our local business.

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Trees are simply awesome

They purify our ground water, they oxygenate the atmosphere breathe, they lower traffic noise as well as slow down the speed of climate change. Trees also support biodiversity as they are shelter to several plant and animal varieties. As reported by the Arbor Day Foundation, a single large tree can generate a day's supply of oxygen for around four people. They're desirable for the planet Earth, our natural environment and they uplift our mood. For more than 99.9% of the time they are a solely favorable presence in our life.

So just what's the purpose of removing trees? Why is this, the most extreme type of tree service, needed?

Trees are mortal

If a tree becomes unhealthy, then it loses its own physical strength which sabotages its capability to carry above tens or even hundreds of tons of lumber and leaf, particularly in a blowy, violent storm. And so when our experts are asked to assess your trees as part of our removal service, our staff makes sure to search for the following indicators:

Stance - If your tree starts to lean to one direction where it wasn't pitching before, that might signify a severely damaged tree. Damage might be even more serious in case seen with bare and/or drooping branches with no leaves.

Root System - The health of the tree's roots is every bit as relevant with regard to the wellbeing of the tree. If they indicate breakage or rot, then your tree is most certainly vulnerable. Fungus coming from either the tree’s roots or perhaps around the base of the tree trunk identifies dead wood. If there's a lot of fungal infestation (mushroom-like protrusions), certainly there will likely be no rescuing the tree and it is going to fall down sooner as opposed to later.

An uplift of soil around the roots reveals a partially unstable tree. Just one strong wind event might find the tree falling down, with some luck not onto your house.

Tree Trunk - ground wood particles around the bottom of the trunk means that tree-boring pests are burrowing inside or laying eggs or both. In this case the deterioration will probably be happening unseen. The tree will eventually become progressively weak from disease together with lack of structural stability. Then it will collapse, hopefully onto something that won’t be too expensive to fix.

Additional hints of problems may be discovered if ever the trunk has tree bark missing or perhaps very flaky bark. Our arborists examine openings and fractures within the trunk as well, especially if recent. And assuming they remember to bring along their increment borers or sounding hammers, they can check to see whether or not your tree is hollow.

Rotten tree with a damaged trunk
tree workers remove cut tree branches by feeding through wood-chipping equipment

Tree Removal Service - the 6 steps we take to deal with your tree


  1. Following your query, our arborists will be happy to provide you with a summary concerning the optimal remedial plan for your problem tree. Our experts will provide you with a quote for our expenses, FREE of charge. A quick visit to your home or land will be usually most ideal so as to fully recognize the scope of works, most especially when removing trees.
  2. As soon as you accept our plan, a mutually acceptable time will be set up so we will be able to start the required services.
  3. Currently there are district and also Florida state legislation relating to tree-related operations - please view the paragraph near the bottom of this page. In many cases tree extraction is going to require a removal permit that our company will be glad to obtain, if indeed you want our company to do this.
  4. Our staff prides ourselves by showing up punctually. Our skilled tree technicians can then undertake the work as safely as possible.
  5. We will then take away your diseased or dead tree from your backyard and dispose of waste tree parts by means of re cycling or reprocessing as necessary. Alternatively, you can keep back the woodchips in order to mulch your other types of yard shrubs and thereby decrease water charges in the future.
  6. Removing trees is quite expensive. Therefore, to save you money and time in the long run, we will take a look at other trees on your property in order to recommend an inexpensive care program because, "a stitch in time saves nine!" For example, judicious tree trimming will most likely ensure your trees are safer when it comes to a wind storm by means of decreasing their wind resistance and reducing the odds of them being actually blown down. This applies even to palm trees.

Emergency Tree Removal

The above measures are advisable so as to increase your total satisfaction with our work for you. However, our company can fast-track the procedure and respond quicker in case there's an unexpected emergency. Give us a call us and we'll share the best way to proceed together with our broad costs to undertake critical tree work.

Florida law on removing trees

In the sunshine state of Florida, taking away trees requires that you beforehand procure a formal permission most of the time. There certainly are some exemptions, however. Currently there are a few differences in the codes when comparing counties and communities. Within Miami Dade county, as an example, the tree owner needs to complete a permit form to remove as well as transplant trees that have a trunk width of in excess of 3 inches at breast height. Our experts could handle this for you wherever selected to perform your service.

Removal Cost

Our company tries our best to maintain our rates and also your charges as low as we are able. The charges differ according to convenience of access, tree species, tree height as well as size, the type of the problem with your tree and whether additional operational equipment like a motorized crane is needed. Our firm is not one of those companies that believe cutting corners in relation to safety, training, insurance and licensing is the most reliable way to run our business. Rather, our firm truly believes that being fully-insured and our technicians thoroughly-instructed is actually the best approach to avoid costly mishaps to your property and also to eliminate any conceivable liability on you, in the event that there's an injury to any of our people.

Nevertheless, you are going to understand our approach will be well-considered, priced fairly and the work done successfully and with measured risk. Our firm will be able to provide you some cost reduction simply by giving you the chance to pick up the tree waste just after the tree has been safely felled, possibly to store as fire logs. We would prefer to leave your yard clean and debris-free however this depends on you.


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