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Tree trimming is normally a timely practice in response to a risk caused by a tree or good-sized shrubbery. For example, a tree must definitely be cut back should a limb block a highway or perhaps walkway. Wherever tree limbs remain in threat of wrecking residential or commercial property, they will need to be cut and removed. Trimming could also be required when the general appearance of the tree really needs sprucing up for cosmetic aims.

Venn Diagram comparing tree trimming with tree pruning

It really is much the same and yet a little distinct to pruning. Tree pruning is normally much more of a prepared, considered technique entailing surgical incisions in certain locations on the tree as well as over certain months of the season in order to enhance the tree's condition or fecundity. Actually, however, the two terms are used reciprocally all the time.

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It is time to contact our company to request a tree trimming service if ...


  • Your tree is climbing way too near to electricity power lines
  • Tree limbs are drooping near to or even scraping the walls of your house or apartment
  • You want a more pleasing or different appearance for your tree
  • Your next-door neighbor is lamenting that your tree is blocking out the sun in his back yard
  • There are dead branches dangling down from your tree
  • Your trees have never been actually trimmed in living memory
  • Your tree is literally excessively huge to trim in the absence of a ladder or climbing gear

Ring us in order to speak with an accredited arborist so as to go over your trimming project. Our experts could stop by in case it is a big tree or perhaps several of trees affected.

Our team will offer a FREE, reasonable idea of expenses for the needed services prior to any job begins. This keeps you squarely in the driving seat which is how our customers want it!

The thing that we cannot help our customers with is trimming your Christmas Tree ... unless it is actually a live one of-course.

How to trim a tree without killing it

You might persuade yourself to trim a tree on your own. If you possess a modest tree, it may be achievable IF you can get your hands on the suitable equipment, a little bit of practical knowledge, safety gear and don't necessitate a step ladder. It's hard to encapsulate decades of knowledge as well as practical experience within a few paragraphs. However, some of the frequent trimming lapses that our experts encounter as well as what should be averted are described beneath in these tips:


  1. A stub is left just where the tree limb has been trimmed. Such stubs do attract decay because trees can not heal these stubs adequately. Instead, trim close to the primary branch without touching the 'collar'. Don't trim very close as it will certainly be sluggish to recover and foster rot leading to weakness in the principal branch.
  2. Trees are often trimmed far too dramatically. This is often called topping and can certainly promote weak growth in the event that it does not destroy the tree. Aim to crop no more than a quarter% from the entire tree canopy in any one year.
  3. Cuts are way too inclined to the direction of the branch being cut and also larger than needed. Your pruning snip will need to be clean and you ought to aim for the smallest-sized cut face achievable. If you don't, the wound will likely mend over more slowly, involving additional energy which the tree could make use of in other areas of the tree.
  4. The tree's too big to cut. Inexperienced people climbing up massive trees can and does lead to a very high chance of personal injury along with property damage underneath and around the tree. Just don't ever do this - phone the experts instead.
tree surgeon at work in a palm tree with safety harness
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How to trim a large tree without killing yourself

Just say no! Contact Tree Top Pros instead. Pruning a larger tree involves climbing gear or hydraulic bucket rigs. There's certainly a huge danger of tumbling from regular domestic ladders resulting in a serious cause of backyard personal injuries and worse. The limbs of large trees are much larger and consequently much heavier. What happens when you’re up a big tree with a saw and a ladder is as follows. When sawn through, the cut branch swings back in a random direction and so compromises any climbing hardware. Falling branches often sweep away the very same ladder that's holding you aloft. This is the 2nd area of high danger and it really is just not worth it.


How to trim a small tree

With practical experience and also some tips from arborists, you may do this yourself for your small trees. Our company details several of the rudiments as well as pruning best methods in our different post here and also inside our February Tree Care Diaries. Our experts clarify the tallest reach of commonly-available trimming products which equates 30 feet. Any taller than this will certainly need hazardous ladders and our experts really don't advocate you use these up a tree when it comes to your own personal well being and safety. Our experts have observed and know about way too many incidents. The moment you think about trimming, get in touch with our local area arborist and our experts will show you tips on how to prune ... as well as trim.

Tree Pruning Permit

Numerous local towns and areas such as North Miami ask that people hold a pruning permit before work commences on your tree, especially in the event that it's placed inside a business or industrial area or found in a shared community space. Several counties go further and call for a ‘before and after’ check. We know the rules and regulations in your neighborhood and are able to guide you as necessary. On the other hand, we could take care of the permit application for you if you wish.


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