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Tree trimming is actually a calculated measure in reaction to a hazard brought on by a tree or large shrubbery. As an example, a tree will need to be trimmed should a limb obstruct a street or even walkway. Where ever tree branches remain in threat of endangering real estate, they will need to be secured and also taken out. It might also be necessary in case the overall form of the tree needs improving for aesthetic purposes.

Venn Diagram comparing tree trimming with tree pruning

It really is similar but just a bit distinct to pruning. Tree pruning is usually much more of an organized, considered activity involving precise incisions at particular places on the tree and in particular months of the year in order to maximize the tree's physical condition or fecundity. In truth, however, the 2 terms are made use of interchangeably.

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It is generally best to phone our team for our tree trimming service if ...

  • Your tree is climbing way too close to electric lines; a wet tree can cause a spark of up to 10 feet from power lines!
  • Tree boughs are dropping near to or scraping the walls of your property
  • There are dead branches falling off your tree
  • Your trees have never been trimmed in living memory
  • Your tree is way too huge to trim without a ladder or perhaps climbing equipment
  • You want to have a pleasing or different form for your tree
  • Your next-door neighbor is grumbling that your tree is blocking out the sun in his backyard

Contact our team and speak with a certified arborist so as to take a look at your tree cutting need. Our experts might drop by in case there's a sizable tree or a number of trees concerned.

Our team will then give you a FREE, affordable estimation of costs regarding the needed services prior to any kind of service commences. Doing this leaves our customers safely in the driving seat which is how our customers prefer it!

The thing our team cannot assist our customers with is trimming your Christmas Tree ... unless it is actually a live one of-course.

How to trim a tree without killing it


You may well be tempted to trim a tree on your own. If you have a small-sized tree, this may be possible IF you can find the correct equipment, a little bit of practical knowledge, safety gear and a cutting job that does not involve the use of a step ladder. It's tricky to condense decades of knowledge as well as experience in a few sentences. Nonetheless, a number of the typical slips that our team encounter and also what to avoid are laid out here with these trimming tips:

  1. A stub is left behind just where the limb has been removed. Such stubs can allow decay since trees can not heal them successfully. Instead, cut near to the main tree branch or trunk without harming the 'collar'. Don't trim very close because the cut is going to be slow to mend and foster decay leading to a weakness in the principal limb of the tree.
  2. Cuts are made too oblique to the direction of the branch and bigger than needed. Your pruning snip must be clean and you should aim for the smallest-sized cut face attainable. If you don't, the cut will likely heal over a lot more gradually, requiring additional energy that the tree could certainly make use of in other areas of the tree.
  3. Trees are cut back far too much. This is usually called topping and can certainly spur poor growth supposing that it doesn't terminate the tree. Try to trim back no more than 25% of the overall tree canopy within any one year.
  4. The tree's way too large to trim. Inexperienced people climbing up enormous trees can and does lead to a high risk of an accident and also property damage below and around the tree. Just never do it - call the experts.
man up ladder working on his own trees

How to trim a large tree without killing yourself

Just say no! Contact Tree Top Pros as a safe alternative. Cutting a big tree requires climbing hardware or even a bucket lift van. There is a substantial possibility of tumbling off regular domestic ladders leading to a significant cause of garden accidental injuries and worse. The limbs of larger trees are bigger and much heavier. They are able to compromise any climbing equipment and can and do wreck the very ladder which is managing to keep you up the tree. This is the 2nd area of substantial hazard and it is simply just not worth it.


How to trim a small tree

Through practical experience and also a few pointers directly from arborists, you might do this by yourself for your compact trees only. Our team mentions some of the fundamentals together with optimal pruning practices in our independent feature here and in our February Tree Care Diaries. We describe the highest length of commonly available trimming appliances that approximates to about 30 feet. Any tree higher than thirty feet will certainly need potentially hazardous ladders and our team doesn't recommend that you make use of these up a tree for your own personal health and safety. Our company has come across and heard of too many personal injuries. The first time you think about trimming, get in touch with our local arborist and she will demonstrate to you tips on how to prune ... or even trim.

Is a permit required?

Plenty of local districts require that people obtain a pruning permit prior to work beginning on your tree, especially in case it is situated inside a commercial or industrial area or even found in a shared community living area. Many counties go a step further and call for a before and after trimming check. We know the policies and rules in Kendale Lakes and can advise you as needed. Alternatively, we are able to take care of the application form on your behalf if you wish.


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