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Trees are naturally hardy. However, dreadful tropical storms, the natural ebb and flow of life in an urban forest, sudden lightning strikes, water damage emergencies and pest infestation in the waterfront wonderland city of Cape Coral could all have a huge effect on the well-being of your trees. In these situations, tree removal is a serious and yet crucial solution to your problems in Lee County. The extraction of all types of deciduous, evergreen and palm trees is a major part of our company’s business and we are proud to continue to do it well for the benefit of our local residential and business customers.

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Trees are just so astonishing

They purify our ground water, they oxygenate the air, they lower the effect of loud noise and slow down the effects of climate change here in Florida. Trees also underpin biodiversity due to the fact that they are home to various flora and animal types. As reported by the Arbor Day Foundation, only one big tree will be able to supply a day's supply of oxygen for as many as four humans. Trees cool down their immediate surroundings too by absorbing heat and energy to transpire water through their leaves. They are certainly very good concerning the health of the world’s ecosystems, our local environment and they are excellent for our mental health too.  For more than 99.9% of the time they are a completely benign presence in our daily life.

So what's the point of removing trees? Just why is this, the most severe form of tree service, ever necessary?

All trees will eventually perish

A major study into the health of the tree canopy of the nearby city of Tampa reveals some alarming truths about the health of our own trees here in Cape Coral. The large scale research was conducted in 2016 and published in March 2018. It shows that whilst more than half (55%) of all the city’s trees were in an ‘excellent’ state of health, just over one quarter (28%) were rated to be in ‘good’ health, 6% rated ‘fair’ but no less than 11% of all city trees were declared to be ‘in poor condition or dead’!

So what is happening to more than one in ten of our city’s trees? Remember that these trees are in your yard, near your home and in our parks.

When a tree becomes unhealthy, before long it depletes its physical sturdiness which in turn sabotages its capability to support aloft 10s of tons of timber and leaf, particularly in a blowy storm. Therefore anytime our arborists are invited to check your trees whenever we’re asked to remove trees, we typically try to look for the following fatal weaknesses to see if they are a danger to life, limb and property:

  • Tree Trunk - small wood fragments around the bottom of the tree's trunk suggests that tree-boring beetles are inside laying eggs. In this instance the damage will probably happen out of sight. The tree will certainly eventually become gradually weak from disease, loss of tree sap and loss of structural cohesion. Then it will most likely collapse.

    Some other hints of problems can be discovered if ever the trunk has tree bark missing or perhaps very loose bark. Our experts examine openings, splits and hollows in the trunk too, particularly if fresh.

  • Incline - If your tree starts to lean to one side where it wasn't pitching previously, it may signify a severely damaged tree. Damage could be graver if ever observed with bare and/or drooping branches without leaves.
  • Roots - The well-being of the tree's roots is every bit as critical for the well being of the tree as a whole. If they reveal damage or rot, then your tree is most probably vulnerable. Fungi coming from either the roots or maybe close to the bottom of the tree trunk indicate dead timber. In the event that there is really a great deal of fungus infestation (mushroom-like protrusions), certainly there will likely be no rescuing the tree and it is going to tumble down earlier rather than in the distant future.

    An uplift of earth about the roots shows a partly unstable tree. One single strong gust could well find the tree falling over, with luck not over your home.

    Sometimes, if a tree is planted too close to a property, its roots can invade and damage the building’s foundations and drainage system. To avoid further structural damage the tree has to be transplanted which can be expensive or removed entirely. In this way, even if a tree is healthy, it has to be moved or removed.

Rotten tree with a damaged trunk
Tree being removed with a crane

Tree Removal Service - the 6 actions to getting rid of your problem tree

Having examined your tree/s, we have discovered whether it can be saved or whether it needs to be taken away and possibly replaced. We will of-course consider all remedial measures such as trimming, fertilizing, cabling, watering, spraying or proper mulching or a combination. But if your tree is beyond saving and is still a risk to property and people, how do we then remove your tree for you?

  1. Having received your call, we will certainly be glad to offer you with a rundown of an optimal plan for your tree’s removal. Our company will in addition supply you with an estimation of expenses, for FREE. A quick visit to your home or land will be usually most ideal in order to thoroughly comprehend the scope of works, most especially when removing several trees.
  2. As soon as you okay our proposal, a jointly acceptable time will be established so our team is able to undertake the necessary service.
  3. There are Cape Coral City and also Lee County rules relating to removing trees - view below. In many cases tree extraction is going to necessitate a ‘vegetation removal permit’. We’ll be happy to guide you on how to obtain this assuming your circumstances don’t exempt you from this requirement.
  4. Our firm pride itself with showing up on schedule. Our properly trained tree professionals can then start the work as safely and efficiently as they can.
  5. Our company can then get rid of your diseased or lifeless tree from your backyard and deal with waste wood by means of re cycling or reprocessing as necessary. Then again, you will be able to keep back some or all of the woodchips to keep moist your other types of garden shrubs thereby moderate watering bills in the medium to long term.
  6. Removing trees can be expensive for some family and business budgets even though we offer very good prices for the service. Therefore, to save you money in the long run, our arborist will check out other trees within your property in order to recommend an economical care plan to save both cash and time in the future. After all, "a stitch in time saves nine!" As an example, prudent tree trimming is going to render your trees safer in a gale simply by reducing the tree’s wind resistance and also lowering the chance for being blown over. And an economical pesticide spray may obviate the need for that tree to be removed when secondary diseases weaken it irretrievably.

Emergency Tree Removal

These steps outlined above usually help by maximizing your satisfaction using our services. That being said, we are able to fast-track the process and apply an emergency schedule of action if a dire situation arises with your tree. Call us and we'll promptly share the timing and a note of our approximate charges in order to carry out such critical tree services.

Lee County and Cape Coral law on removal of trees

Here in the sunshine state of Florida, taking away trees requires you first obtain a vegetation removal permit in most cases. In Lee County, for example, trees native to Florida are protected from removal on subdivision land, industrial and commercial development plots and a removal permit will be required from the County Administrator. There are 8 listed exemptions, however, including these two:
- dead trees or those destroyed by an Act of God
- protected trees on single-family residences where the lot is 5 acres in size or less. It’s tricky because this particular exemption doesn’t apply to homes on the coastal islands off the County.

Furthermore in the municipality of Cape Coral city, so-called perch trees and nest trees for the Bald Eagle and other eagles cannot be removed in any circumstances. This means no trimming, pruning, cutting or any disturbance of any kind until the nest has been officially declared as abandoned. Similarly, certain perch trees cannot be touched or disturbed without the prior approval of Cape Coral’s Community Development department. In fact, no-one is allowed within 150 ft of any tree which is occupied by an eagle or an eagle's nest.

Although we are not lawyers and not one of those dubious companies that apply for permits on behalf of customers, we will share what we know and help you negotiate this legal maze so that if we are removing trees in your yard, it’s fully permitted. Sometimes, this is as simple as giving you the contact details of the right people and departments to approach.

 Tree Removal Cost

We strive to keep our expenses and consequently your fees as low as we are able. The costs differ according to convenience of entry to the affected tree, tree type, tree height as well as scale, the extent of the issue with your tree and if additional machinery such as a crane or hydraulic tracked vehicle is necessary. Cutting corners in relation to safety, training, insurance coverage and certification is not what we do. We firmly believe that being fully insured and our technicians thoroughly instructed is actually the most reliable way to avoid costly damage to your property as well as to protect any possible responsibility against you, in case there's an accident to any of the workers.

So we hope you will find our tree extraction remedy to be well-considered, costed fairly and the work done competently and in safety.


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