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Tree Trimming Definition

Trimming trees is usually practiced in reaction to a hazard brought on by a tree or sizable bush. So a tree will need to be trimmed back should a limb obstructs a roadway or even pathway. While tree boughs are in threat of endangering real estate, they must definitely be cut and also be removed. Trimming might likewise be required if the overall form of the tree really needs enhancing for aesthetic ideas in mind.

It really is similar but slightly distinct to pruning. Tree pruning is normally much more of a prepared, predetermined practice requiring surgical cuts in certain places on the tree and also at specific months of the year so as to boost the tree's physical condition or fruit production. Actually, however, the 2 expressions are quite often used in a reciprocal way.


Venn Diagram comparing tree trimming with tree pruning

Should you worry about trimming your trees?

USDA Forest Service says that mature trees will raise the appraised value of your home by around 10%. And ICMA report that including trees with your landscaping project will grow your home's value by anything up to 20 per cent. Some say that tree-based landscaping provides better returns than spending the same amount kitchen remodeling.

But there’s a downside. Moneysense claim that all these benefits depend on how well the trees are maintained. In fact, badly trimmed trees will not help you to reach the full potential of your home’s worth and could actually decrease its resale value.

So it will definitely be in your interest to get those trees of yours to be properly trimmed by the professionals. We also advocate that you spend a little time caring for your trees yourself, if you are able. More than one on ten trees could be dead or dying according to a major recent tree canopy study in the neighboring city of Tampa. An additional quarter of that city’s trees are only in a ‘fair’ condition. So there’s a strong chance your trees in Cape Coral could also benefit from some love and attention.

For the proper trim, we have both the men and machinery to provide residential and business customers with a highly competent and reasonably-priced pruning and trimming service.

For the care element, our mission includes the sharing of our tree care advice and expertise as much as we can. An example of this commitment can be seen in our monthly Tree care Diary series of articles which can be accessed from the icons at the end of this page.

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Arborist trimming a palm tree

When is it time to call us for a professional tree trimming service?


  • When your tree is reaching way too close to electric power lines. Trimming close to high voltage lines is particularly dangerous even for professionals. Special training is required. You don’t even have to touch the line to receive a high-voltage and fatal electrical shock; a wet tree can cause an arc to form up to 10 feet away from an above-ground power cable.
  • Tree branches are dangling near to or even touching the outside of your property.
  • You could do with a more attractive or different form for your tree.
  • Your neighbor is lamenting that your tree is blocking out the sun in his back yard.
  • There are lifeless limbs dangling off your tree. These can be removed at any time of the year but this is not a safe DIY task for large trees.
  • Your trees have not been actually trimmed within living memory.
  • Your tree is excessively enormous to trim in the absence of a step ladder or even climbing gear.

Call our company in order to talk to a local, accredited arborist to take a look at your trimming project. Our experts might drop by if it is a large tree or maybe a group of trees need attention.

Our team will give you a FREE, reasonable estimation of charges for the requested services well before any kind of service starts. This keeps you squarely in the driving seat which is definitely how our customers like it!

How to trim a tree without killing it

You might perhaps be tempted to trim a tree on your own. In case you possess a tree of modest size, doing this could be achievable IF you own the necessary equipment, a little information, safety gear and you do not need the use of a ladder to reach the higher branches. When trimming tree branches, a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing – for both you and your tree. Nevertheless, our team has tried to summarize some of the frequent trimming lapses that they commonly observe and what to avoid. See these 5 key trimming tips laid out below:

  • A stub is allowed to remain just where the tree limb has been removed. Such stubs will attract rot since trees cannot repair shortened branches where the growing tip/s has been removed. Rather, trim close to the primary branch or trunk without breaking the 'collar'.
  • Don't trim too close to the main branch. A key part of a tree’s anatomy is the collar which forms where new branches spur off the trunk or principal branch. It is sometimes seen as a raised band where branches join together. The collar can help a tree heal a cut by growing over the affected area. But if it is damaged, it will be slow to recover and foment decay and infestation leading to weakness in the main limb and possibly the tree itself. In summary, cut close to the main branch but don’t make a flush cut when removing a branch.
  • Cuts are sometimes way too inclined to the direction of the tree branch and also larger than necessary. Your trimming wound should be clean and you should aim for the smallest-sized cut face achievable so it grows over as quickly as the tree can mange. In any other case, the cut is going to repair over much more sluggishly, requiring more energy that the tree can make use of in other areas of the tree.
  • Trees are often trimmed back way too drastically. This practice is usually referred to as topping or hatting or hat-racking or lion-tailing. In Florida’s palm trees we also see ‘hurricane cuts’ on palm trees. Such practices ruin the health of trees as its food-producing capacity is severely curtailed. Savage cutting of trees in this way puts the tree into a survival mode where it pushes out lots of fleshy, weak growth to compensate the loss of food. This weak growth often reduces the life-expectancy of a valuable mature tree. It also creates a worse hazard in a storm from weaker branches falling off and becoming dangerous projectiles. To us it makes no sense to turn what should be a modest trimming job into a full blown tree removal when once the tree dies.For these reasons, Lee County officials even wrote out to all tree contractors in 2008 warning them of severe financial penalties if they trimmed trees too heavily. Tree Top Pros follows the national standards for pruning set out in the ANSI A300 2017- Pruning document. As a consequence, we aim to cut no more than a quarter from the tree’s total leaf canopy in any 1 year.
  • The tree's way too sizeable to cut. Inexperienced folks climbing enormous trees can and does result in a high possibility of personal injury and property damages beneath and about the tree. Just do not do it - call the experts.
man up ladder working on his own trees

How to trim a large tree without killing yourself

Simply say no! Call up Tree Top Pros as a much safer alternative. Pruning a big tree entails climbing equipment or sometimes trucks/ tracked vehicles with a hydraulic lift are needed. There's certainly a substantial threat of falling from regular domestic ladders causing a significant cause of garden traumas and even worse. The branches of large trees are often fall in a totally unexpected direction. Heavy objects falling in random directions WILL compromise climbing equipment and can and do sweep away the very ladder which is carrying you up high in the tree. Your safety deserves more respect. Call Tree Top Pros instead.


How to trim a small tree

Through practice and also a few guidelines directly from a trained and certified arborist, you can do this by yourself for your small trees. Our company mentions a few of the basics including pruning best practices within our feature here, within our February Tree Care Diaries and also in our July Diary entry too on Summer Pruning (June for summer care and trimming of palm trees).

Our team points out the highest length of commonly available pruning gear which approaches about 30 feet when added to the human reach. Any tree taller than 30 feet definitely will require hazardous ladders and we don't advocate that you make use of these in a tree in the interest of your own personal safety. Our team has heard about too many injuries. The moment that you think of trimming tree work, call our local tree specialist and they'll will demonstrate to you the best way how to prune ... or how to trim.


Tree Trimming Permit

Lee County officials advocate responsible pruning and are proactive in fining tree companies which violates its standards. It wrote to all tree contractors on July 8th 2008 formally to warn all in the local tree care industry against excessive tree pruning practices.

With the county codes and this warning in place, trimming permits are not requested by the Lee County Administrator unless the tree is recorded as a protected species. Cape Coral codes also prevail over trees declared to be nesting or perch trees for Bald Eagles and the like.

It is also wise to check on whether a permit is required as both rules and the perching/nesting habits of the local eagle population change. We can direct you to the appropriate county and city government departments.


Trimming Cost

With so many tree species in Cape Coral and their varied planting sites, set prices for trimming trees can be difficult to list and publish. Just call us to describe your tree and what you need doing. We'll then provide a FREE estimate of costs. We look forward to hearing from you.


Call our company now regarding your tree service requirements. We move, improve and remove trees.

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