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If you’re a private resident in Cape Coral or an owner of business premises with a problem tree/s, then our team would like to help and you’ve come to the right place. Tree Top Pros can move, improve or remove your tree in the Waterfront Wonderland City of Cape Coral.

Our resident arborist has a passion for your trees to be even more of a boon to you and your personal environment.

We shall ensure your trees a lot less of a hazard to you, your home as well as your neighbors.

As you may have already guessed, our tree service support ranges from tree planting and tree relocation, to a tree management plan, tree trimming and, of course, a whole tree removal service where required and permitted.

Beautiful palm trees in a street in Florida.

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How could our staff assist you with your tree issue?

In short, we can help in many varied situations. By way of example, we list below some of the frequently received calls we get from customers and property-owners to which we can ably respond. Which one defines your own requirements?

  • I would like a lot more tree shade to slash my air-conditioning bills (the American Power Association promise up to 50%).
  • I observe a heavy-looking branch projecting over my building which might possibly fall down!
  • I possess lofty trees inside my backyard that result in an excessive amount of shade cast over my other growing vegetation.
  • I possess a massive, old tree which is dying and needs to be taken away. Are there any tree removal companies near me that can manage it?
  • Some of my trees really need cutting to enhance their form. Can I review tree trimming companies near me in order to get expert support?
  • I am worried about windstorms inflicting damage to my trees along with my house.
  • I have a tree that seems sick and below par. What can you do to bring to back to its glorious green look again?
  • I want help with tree regulations as they relate to the locations around where I live.

The way we get the job done

Our trained staff will be able to deal with all the above inquiries with an assortment of professionally applied tree services. When doing so, we endeavor to abide by the following service principles:

  1. Our company is going to provide our absolute best cost estimate with respect to the project required, allow you as much time as you need to review our prices or even get started without delay at a mutually convenient time.
  2. Our team will definitely respect your estate and lawn when tackling your trees and do our best to safeguard your house from the affect on any heavy vehicles, for instance.
  3. Our firm will safeguard our workers with comprehensive proper training, properly maintained equipment as well as compliance with to municipal, state, countrywide health and safety codes. Happier, confident staff means a better, safer job for our customers.
  4. We do believe in beginning work on time for agreed appointments and will make sure to clear away tree waste following our work.
  5. If asked to remove a tree we can point you in the right direction to obtain a 'vegetation removal permit' from the Lee County Administrator. Cape Coral City municipality also has tree work codes that we must abide by. For example, they have strict regulation on trees used for nesting by Bald Eagles. We’re not attorneys but will happily share our working knowledge of the local rules as well as the government departments to contact.
Tree trunk section in the shape of a heart

Our belief in the value of trees

Our body of staff is passionate about trees and Florida hosts many more tree varieties compared to every other state, apart from the Hawaiian Islands. When healthy and positioned in the right spot, they lend shade from the sun's raw heat, they oxygenate the air we breathe, they lessen pollutants in the ground and they sequester greenhouse gases like co2 from the atmosphere. Trees can also lessen the effects of floodwater and foster native wildlife such as birds and small mammals, valuable with respect to the good health of our natural environment in Cape Coral. And don't forget that properly sited, healthy-looking trees increase the market price of your house.

In fact, a study in 2016 into the value of trees was commissioned by nearby Tampa. One of the many findings was that residential streets lined with trees added 15% to the value of the homes in those streets. This is in line with claims by USDA Forest Service that mature trees on your property add around 10% to the value of your home. We believe that such trees must be in good condition, however.

So trees are valuable to our environment, our communities and to each of us as property owners.

On the other hand whenever trees start being unwell, infected or injured, they could severely reduce the dollar benefits described above and become a financial liability rather than an asset.

Furthermore, such trees could change into a physical hazard round a built up habitat, they are generally typically left very little area to drop to the ground without leading to harm to buildings and individuals. Whilst our professionals would rather to help nurture them back to health, some trees are too far gone. Usually, in such circumstances, we will most likely advise their extraction in the most cost-effective way.

There is much you can do yourself

There is much that property-owners can do to improve the state of their trees if they have the time to spare, of-course. Tree Top Pro’s approach includes the sharing of what we know as far as we can for your benefit. We publish a monthly Tree Care Diary as an example of this knowledge-sharing stance. The latest posts in the Diary can be found towards the end of most pages on our website.

Safeguarding our workers' safety at your property

Personal protective Equipment (PPE) is necessary when it comes to any tree-oriented task. A respectable tree firm will certainly follow the regulations to make sure that their professionals are given protection while operating at elevation and on the solid ground.

Despite the presence of proper licensing, thorough instruction and also PPE, employees can have mishaps. A lot of are minor but some are definitely not. Your tree company is responsible for the cost for medical treatment in the event of injury and with regards to the loss of income suffered by the member of staff.

A question often left unasked is ‘what happens if the tree contractor doesn’t/ can’t/ won’t pay?’

Arborist high up in Florida pine tree

Eliminating your financial liability

Should the tree company not cover medical treatment expenses on behalf of affected workers, at that point you as the property-owner are next in line to pay for these types of costs as well as loss of earnings. Therefore your tree firm has to have Workers Compensation Insurance set up so as to minimize your lurking responsibility.

Our advice is to make sure you question any tree business you select if they have up-to-date Workers Compensation Insurance. On the grounds that without this vital insurance there certainly is the potential, albeit a remote one, that you can be responsible in the event that there's a personal injury of an operative at your property.


Providing further protection to you as well as your property

Incidents in our sector CAN take place, despite all sensible steps taken to reduce the risk. In order to eliminate any negative financial impact on you and your house or business premises, your tree services company must have personal and also residential or commercial property damage insurance in place in order to take care of these types of occurrences.

As a matter of fact, you must make sure you verify that any kind of tree business you choose to utilize has in hand this type of policy and also workers Compensation Insurance readily available by demanding to view all their certificates of insurance. The very last thing you need is any type of 'Chad with a chainsaw' creating havoc in your yard. The breakage arising from dropping branches alone could amount to several thousands of dollars. And you might also be liable in case he harms himself as described earlier. Your selected service provider MUST be fully insured.

Don't tolerate any firm that cuts corners on insurance policies, to remove your trees!

Service prices

In one word, affordable and competitive! OK, that’s two words. Our firm enjoy being busy and so we'll provide you the best price we can. Beware of uninsured contractors offering unbelievably low prices. If it’s too be good to be true, then it is because, more likely than not, this is due to them skipping all forms of insurance coverage. As we have tried to point out above, this can be a false economy and worse, leave you financially exposed to the mistakes that such a business makes on your land.



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