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Unexpected freezes, disastrous hurricanes, water damage emergencies and tree pest infestation around the state of Florida are all able to have a grave effect on the well being of your trees. We agree that removal is a severe solution but sometimes it’s the only possible remedy to your issues in the city of Daytona Beach. Whilst we prefer to preserve and nurture your tree back to good health wherever possible, tree removal for local residential and business customers remains a fundamental part of our operations here in the city of Daytona Beach.

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Trees are simply incredible

They purify our ground water, they oxygenate the atmosphere, they minimize unpleasant noise and also they decrease the speed of climate change here in the Sunshine State. Trees likewise enable and foster biodiversity as they are usually home to various flora and fauna species. As reported by the Arbor Day Foundation, only one sizable tree can supply a day's supply of oxygen for around 4 humans. They're desirable with regards to the planet, our ecosystem here in Florida and they raise our mood. For more than 98% of the time they are a completely benign presence in our lives.

So what's the idea of removing trees? Why is this, the most severe kind of tree service, required?

Trees are mortal

Should a tree suffer from disease, before long it depletes its own natural vigor which compromises its capability to bear aloft multiple tons of lumber and leaf, especially in a gusty violent storm. And so whenever we're asked to examine your trees as part of our removal service, our experts typically look out for the following indicators of irrecoverable weakness:

  • Tree Trunk - ground wood particles in small piles seen around the around the base of the trunk at ground reveals tree-boring beetles are eating your tree from the inside and reproducing there too. In this situation the harm will most likely take place hidden from view. The tree will become gradually weaker from secondary infections, loss of tree sap and the inevitable loss of structural cohesion. Subsequently it will fall down.

    Various other indicators of problems might be detected whenever the trunk has tree bark missing or very loose bark. We check for spaces, splits and hollows in the trunk also. The extent of any internal voids in your tree can be found using a sounding hammer and increment borer in capable hands. The tree can usually cope well with a 30% hollow trunk but anything more that this will leave it prone to collapse come the next storm.

  • Lean - Should your tree begin to lean to one single direction where it had not been pitching previously, it might reveal a severely damaged tree. Damage could be even more severe when accompanied by bare and/or sagging branches without having leaves.
  • Compromised Root System - The condition of the roots is equally important with regard to the well being of the tree. If they indicate breakage or disease, then your tree is most certainly vulnerable in the relatively short term. Fungus infection coming from either the roots or near the bottom of the tree trunk signifies dead timber. If ever there is really a lot of fungus spread (mushroom-like protrusions), generally there will be no rescuing the tree and it will tumble down earlier rather than in the distant future.

    An uplift of soil next to the roots reveals a partially unstable tree. Just one powerful windstorm could find the tree falling down, with some luck not onto your home or parked vehicles.

Rotten tree with a damaged trunk
Tree being removed with a crane

Our Tree Removal Service - the 6 measures we take to getting rid of your problem tree


So by this stage we have examined your tree and assessed whether or not it can be saved. Some solutions may work such as pruning, cabling, trimming, fertilizing, watering, replanting or the application of pest control measures. But if not and your tree remains a risk to life, limb and property, what can you expect to happen next?

  1. After your call, our company will be glad to offer you:
    1. An outline plan for the most efficient and safest way to remove your problem tree; and
    2. Present you with an estimation of costs, for FREE; and
    3. A visit to your house or building may normally be ideal so as to thoroughly grasp the scope of works, especially when removing large trees or a group of trees.
  2. Just after you okay our estimate, a jointly convenient appointment will be set up so that we can perform the work.
  3. There are city-wide tree codes and Volusia County legislation concerning removing trees - see below. For the most part, when you remove trees it will likely entail obtaining a tree removal permit. We will help you by pointing out the department you need to approach and give you an idea of the process and timescales until you get your removal permit, if required in your particular case.
  4. We pride ourselves on turning up on schedule. Our experienced tree experts are going to then undertake the removal work as safely and efficiently as they can. Customers like good punctuality and we like it too. Because with less time pressure, we can remove your tree with greater care and more safely.
  5. Tree Top Pros can then get rid of your diseased or dead tree from your yard and dispose of waste materials by simply recycling or reprocessing as required. If not infected by pests or disease, you can retain some of the woodchips, at your discretion. You can use these to mulch your various other plants thereby reduce sprinkling bills in the years to come.

Before tidying up the last bit of tree debris from the removal, we will examine the rest of your trees to see if we can help improve their appearance and longevity. After all, who doesn’t want great looking and longer-lasting trees in their yard. A regular tree care plan will help realize their true environmental and financial potential. Remember that according to USDA Forest Service, mature trees can add up to 10% to the value of your home, depending on their state. So it’s worth your while letting us nurture your trees’ growth and it’s worth keeping them in great condition.

Another benefit of tree care is that through modest canopy thinning or tree trimming, we can lessen their resistance to wind which will render them much safer in a severe storm.

Removing Palm Trees

We can remove any diseased or dying palms too. They can be just as unwieldy as other tree types when cutting down. It’s worth mentioning that some palm trees die needlessly from a simple lack of occasional care. We have just shared some insights into caring for your palm trees in the summer – it can be found here.

Emergency Tree Removal

The above 6 measures are advisable to maximize your satisfaction with our tree services. Having said that, our firm will be able to fast-track these steps and respond more quickly in the event that there's an emergency. Call us and we'll go through the best way to proceed along with our approximate charges in order to carry out emergency tree service.

Local legislation over removing trees

Here in the sunshine state of Florida, clearing away trees necessitates that you beforehand procure a tree removal permit in many cases. There are a few exemptions and exceptions. For example within Volusia County, there are no less than 6 listed exceptions including single and double family residential units. Also, if your tree is one of 10 largely non-native species, there is no need to obtain a removal permit. Examples of these exempted tree types include Chinese tallow, Brazilian pepper, Ear tree, Punk tree and Woman’s tongue tree.

Permits for the removal of trees are still required for individual commercial, industrial and institutional lots or parcels.

City codes for Daytona Beach have recently been updated and add another layer of complexity to this area. We are not lawyers but will guide you to the best of our ability as to where you should apply for a removal permit. Even if you don’t think you need one, all it takes is a quick phone call to the relevant department to verify the same.

Tree Removal Cost

We make every effort to hold our expenses and also your invoice as low as we are able. The costs vary based upon convenience of easy access, tree species, tree height and size, the type of the situation with your tree and in case additional equipment such as a motorized crane is needed. Cutting corners on safety and protection, coaching, insurance coverage and licensing is not what we do and there are physical and financial risks to you if you employ tree companies who do.

We trust that you will find our services to be well-considered, priced fairly and the job performed efficiently and with much reduced risk. Our company can give you some cash savings by giving you the possibility to pick up the tree waste after your tree has been extracted, perhaps to store as firewood. We much prefer to leave your yard tidy and debris-free but it's up to you.


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