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Are your trees worth trimming?


We say a resounding ‘yes’, but then we would wouldn’t we, because we’re tree trimmers. What do others say?

USDA Forest Service reports that mature trees can increase the value of your home by 10% on average. And Management Information Services/ICMA says that tree-based landscaping can increase your home's worth by up to 20%. They add that landscaping with trees gives a better return than remodeling your kitchen.

But Moneysense magazine assert that much of trees' ability to enhance property value depends on how well they're maintained. In other words, poorly trimmed trees will not reflect your home’s true worth and may decrease its appraised value.

So it’s in your clear financial interest for your trees to be trimmed prudently and also for you to invest some time on caring for your trees. We have the advice and expertise to provide both tree care and an excellent trimming or pruning service for both businesses and residential customers in the city of Daytona Beach.

Trimming Definition

Tree trimming is usually a reaction to a danger brought on by a tree or sizable shrubbery. By way of example, a tree must definitely be trimmed when a limb blocks a street or path. Where tree branches are in peril of wrecking residential or commercial property, they have to be secured and also gotten rid of. Trimming may also be required whenever the entire form of the tree really needs enhancing for visual aims.

Venn Diagram comparing tree trimming with tree pruning

Pruning Definition

It is comparable but a little different to pruning. Tree pruning is a lot more of an organized, intended action necessitating surgical incisions in specific places on the tree and during particular times of the year in order to boost the tree's physical condition or fruit production. In reality though, both expressions are used often reciprocally.

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Arborist trimming a palm tree

It’s time to call Tree Top Pros to request our tree trimming service when any of these happen:

  1. Your tree is reaching way too close to electricity lines. Did you know a wet tree can trigger arcing up to ten feet from high voltage power lines?
  2. Tree limbs are dangling close to or scraping the walls of your house or apartment complex
  3. You want to have a more pleasing or unique appearance for your tree
  4. You’ve heard there are storms forecast soon and are worried about damage caused to and by your trees
  5. Your neighbor is complaining that your tree is towering above his garden
  6. There are lifeless branches drooping down from your tree
  7. Your trees have never been trimmed in living memory
  8. Your tree is way too extensive both in height and breadth to trim in the absence of a ladder or even climbing gear

Telephone us today so you can talk to our qualified arborist and go over the trimming work you require. We might visit if there's a sizable tree or if several trees need attention.

Our expert will hand over a TOTALLY FREE, competitive projection of costs for the needed service well before any job begins. This leaves you firmly in the driving seat which is definitely how our customers want it!

The only thing our team simply cannot help our customers with is trimming your Christmas Tree ... that’s very different.

How to trim a tree without killing it

You may be persuaded to trim a tree by yourself. In case you have a modest tree, it might just be possible IF you can find the necessary tools, a little bit of expertise, protective accessories and the work doesn’t involve climbing up a ladder. A quick poll of the team reveals a list of the following typical trimming errors we encounter as well as the things to refrain from when cutting your tree:

  • A stub is left where the tree limb has been removed. Such stubs will certainly attract decay since trees cannot repair these fully. Rather, trim close to the primary branch and without injuring the 'collar'. The collar is a raised section of the primary branch at the junction of the secondary branch.
  • Cuts are sometimes very inclined to the direction of the branch and also larger than necessary. Your pruning snip needs to be tidy and you ought to try for the smallest cut face achievable. In any other case, the wound will mend over a lot more gradually, demanding additional energy which the tree could make use of elsewhere.
  • Trees are often being cut back too much. This practice is usually referred to as topping or hatting or hat-racking and can encourage poor, weak, spindly growth as the tree strives to replace the lost food-producing leaves. Unfortunately, the new growth does not stand up well to storms and, perversely, renders the whole tree even more vulnerable to collapse. Aim to cut no more than a quarter out from the entire tree canopy in any one year. Some municipalities insist on no more than one fifth of the tree canopy be removed in each growing season.
  • Cutting too close to the collar - Do not cut too close since it is going to be slow to cure and may foster rot causing weakness in the principal branch.
  • The tree's excessively big to trim. Untrained folks climbing up massive trees can and does lead to a serious accident with a high likelihood of personal trauma injuries as well as property damages beneath and about the tree. Just don't do it - phone the experts.

Following these 5 simple tips means that trimming trees doesn’t have to end in costly tree removal.

man up ladder working on his own trees

How to trim a large tree without killing oneself

Just say no! Instead, phone Tree Top Pros. Let us assume the risk on your behalf. Pruning a large tree necessitates climbing gear or hydraulic bucket trucks. There's certainly a huge risk of tumbling from standard home ladders resulting in a major reason for backyard injuries and worse. The branches of larger trees are, well, bigger and heavier. They have the ability to knock out any climbing equipment and when cut can and do sweep away the ladder which is keeping you high up above the ground. This is actually the second area of hazard and it is simply just not worth it.


How to trim a small tree

Through a little repetition and some pointers from a qualified arborist, you may be able to do this by yourself for your small trees. Our experts mention a few of the basics and optimal trimming practices in our separate write-up here and also inside our February Tree Care Diaries. We describe the tallest reach of commonly available trimming hardware that equates to 30 feet when added to the reach of an average human adult. Any tree higher than this will certainly require hazardous ladders and our company never endorse that you choose these in a tree when it comes to your own well being and safety. Our staff has come across too many mishaps. The moment that you think of trimming, get in touch with our trained arborist in Daytona Beach and we'll show you the best ways to prune ... or even trim.

Tree Trimming Permit

Some local towns require that you obtain a pruning permit prior to work starting on your tree. Daytona Beach is not one of those cities. Some counties go even further and demand a before and after trimming assessment. Volusia County is not one of those counties, however. Our company knows the Code of Ordinances in your neighborhood and can guide you properly.


Telephone our team today regarding all your tree service requests.

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