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Our company wants to assist you with any tree problems you may have in the city of Daytona Beach.

We can help make your trees become more of a benefit to you and your living area. On the other hand, we are also able to help to make your trees much less of a threat to you, your home or business as well as other people.

Our tree service solutions ranges from tree planting and tree translocation, to a tree care regimen, tree pruning, stump grinding and, yes, a comprehensive tree removal service where your tree is beyond saving. A complete list of our services for residential and business property owners in Daytona Beach city can be found towards the end of this page. Such services are also extended to customers in Volusia County.

Beautiful palm trees in a street in Florida.

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How can our firm serve you?

We very often spot the following inquiries by individuals and property-owners calling from the local area. Which one of these 8 problems with trees characterizes your own particular situation?

  1. I would prefer more tree shade to cut down my air-conditioning costs (some say by around 40 per cent!).
  2. I can see a heavy-looking branch projecting over my home that could perhaps drop off!
  3. I possess big trees around my yard which give rise to excessive shade across my growing plants.
  4. I possess a substantial, ancient tree that is probably dying and will need to be removed. Are there any tree removal companies near me that may be able to handle it safely?
  5. Some of my trees need trimming to enhance their shape. Should I review tree trimming companies near me to get specialist services?? (no need, sir, we can do this for you).
  6. I am concerned about forecast storms resulting in harm to my trees and my home.
  7. I have a tree which seems infected and unhealthy.
  8. I need assistance with tree rules as they relate to my locale.

Information on how we do the job

Our company has the ability and expertise to deal safely with each the 8 tree situations that are described above. Our working style is set out below to reflect our commitment to offer a high quality of service to customers in Daytona Beach:

  • We will prepare our very best cost estimate with regard to the services entailed. We’ll also permit you as much time as you need to think about our prices; either that or begin as soon as possible at a mutually convenient time.
  • Our team will certainly respect your house and back yard when working with your trees and also do our very best to preserve your property from the weight of any kind of heavy equipment, for instance.
  • We take care of our professionals with extensive training sessions, properly maintained equipment, insurance coverage and also compliance with to municipal state safety and licensing rules.
  • Our company firmly believes in starting on time with respect to agreed appointments and will without exception remove debris following our work.
  • Our company will guide you towards any needed permissions from county and state government with regard to the needed tree task. We are not lawyers but we are familiar with local tree regulations and we’ll do our best to ensure any tree work on your tree work doesn’t break state and municipal laws/codes as they apply to your neighborhood.
Tree trunk section in the shape of a heart

Our approach

Our staff is passionate about trees and Florida nurtures many more tree types in comparison to any other state, other than the islands of Hawaii. When healthy and also placed carefully, they lend shade from the sun's raw heat, they oxygenate the air we all inhale, they decrease contaminants in the soil and also they sequester greenhouse gases like co2 from our essential environment. They nourish wildlife including birds and small mammals making them a vital part of a healthy, local ecology. And don't forget that well sited, healthy-looking trees increase the value of your house or apartment. According to the USDA Forest Service, mature trees in good condition will increase your home’s value by as much as 10% on average.

Yet when trees come to be poorly, infected or injured, they soon transform from an asset into a physical hazard and a financial liability too. Trees in poor condition will actually decrease your home’s value. Furthermore, around an urban setting, trees are usually left limited leeway to fall on the earth without giving rise to destruction to dwellings and individuals. Whilst our experts would prefer to help nurture them back to good health, some trees are too far gone. Usually, in such predicament, our staff will suggest their removal in the most safe, practical and cost-effective manner.

Our approach includes the sharing of our knowledge wherever possible. To this end, we have established a monthly Tree Care Diary which sets out some straightforward tasks that any able-bodied person could do to improve the health of their trees in their own back yard. The latest entries for the current month are visible at the bottom of this page. In June 2018, we also created a special advice article on how to take care of your palm trees in the summer. It can be found here: Summer Care for your Palm Trees     

Safeguarding for employees' welfare at your home or business

Personal Protective equipment (PPE) is mandatory for any type of tree-based operation. A reputable tree firm is going to work within the regulations in order to make sure their workers are provided protection when working at elevation and also on the ground.

Even with proper licensing, extensive coaching as well as PPE, professionals can still have mishaps. Many are minor and yet a few are certainly not. Your tree services company is accountable for the costs of medication and therapy in the event of accidents and with regards to loss of earnings.

But what happens when they fail to honor their obligations in this situation?

Arborist high up in Florida pine tree

Protecting you against liability

What is your position as the customer if ever the tree company fails to compensate accident-related costs for their workers? Few people know that as the property-owner, you are next in line to compensate these types of costs and also loss of salary. Therefore, your tree contractor needs to have Employees Compensation Insurance set up to minimize your latent responsibility.

Our advice is to make sure you question any type of tree removal enterprise you contract if they have up-to-date Workers Compensation Insurance. Given that without this vital insurance, there is a chance, albeit a small one, that you can be responsible if there's an injury on your grounds.


Protecting you and your house during the work

Incidents in our business DO take place, even with all of the sensible actions taken to minimize risk of the same. To steer clear of any damaging monetary impact on you and your house or company premises, your selected tree business also needs to have personal and property damage insurance plan in effect to cover such incidences.

As a matter of fact, you ought to be sure to confirm that any tree work provider that you employ has this sort of policy as well as Workers Compensation insurance in place simply by asking to look at their certificates of insurance. The last thing you want is any 'Johnny with a chainsaw' creating chaos in your backyard. The damage coming from plummeting limbs can total many thousands of dollars. And you may well be accountable in the event that he hurts himself as described in this article. Your preferred firm MUST be insured.

Don't ever permit anyone who cuts corners on insurances, to cut down your trees!

Tree Service prices

In just one word, affordable! Our staff enjoy being active so we'll offer you the absolute best pricing we can. Call us for a FREE, no obligation quotation today to find out juts how reasonable our charges are.

Any time you're reviewing prices, make certain to ascertain whether or not your selected tree firm comes with the insurance coverage in place so as to safeguard themselves, your house, your finances as well as your next-door neighbor's building in the event of any kind of inadvertent damages or, heaven forbid, injuries to employees.


Get in touch with our team now. Our firm wants to assist you!

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