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Damaging tropical storms, flood emergencies, lightning strikes and tree pests here in the state of Florida can have a huge influence on the health of your trees. Removing trees is a major and yet required answer to some of your tree problems in Lee county.

According to a major 2016 study into the health of the urban forest in the nearby City of Tampa, 11% of all the trees in the city are in poor condition or dead already. That’s a lot of trees that could and should usefully be removed and replaced with stronger, newer tree growth. The same will apply here in our City.

Tree removal is an integral part of our firm and we pride ourselves on doing it well for our residential and business customers in Lehigh Acres.

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Few living things are more amazing than our trees

They purify our water, they oxygenate the atmosphere we breathe, they reduce intrusive noise and also they slow down the rate of climate change. Trees also enable biodiversity because they are shelter to various plant and animal types. As reported by the Arbor Day Foundation, one single mature tree is able to supply a day's supply of oxygen for a family of four, day in and day out. They are, without a doubt, excellent for the planet, our local environment and they lift our state of mind. Over 99.9% of the time they are a purely benign presence in our world.

So exactly what is the purpose of removing trees? Precisely why is the most radical type of tree service called for?

Trees are can live and die

If ever a tree becomes impaired in some way, then it loses its own structural sturdiness and that compromises its capacity to bear above tens or hundreds of tons of timber and leaf, particularly in a blowy, violent storm. And so every time our enterprise is asked to check your trees as part of our tree extraction service, our arborist makes sure to search for the following weak spots:

  • Incline - If your tree starts to slant to a single side where it had not been leaning previously, this could perhaps identify a damaged tree. Damage could be more grave if ever accompanied by naked branches bereft of bark and/or drooping limbs with no leaves.
  • Damaged Tree Roots - The well-being of the roots is equally critical for the physical condition of the tree. If they reveal breakage or disease, then your tree is most probably in danger. Fungus attached to either the tree roots or close to the bottom of the tree trunk indicates dead wood. In this case, there will probably be no restoring the tree and it is going to tumble down faster rather than in the far future.

    A loosening of earth around the roots indicates a partially uprooted tree. One single strong windstorm could see the tree falling down, with a little luck not onto your property.

  • Trunk - Fine wood particles around the bottom of the tree's trunk indicates tree-boring bugs are inside and laying eggs. In this instance the damage will most likely go on unobserved. The tree will eventually become slowly but surely weaker from being eaten inside out and from the secondary diseases such incursions will attract. Loss of structural integrity is inevitable and subsequently it will fall down in a moderate breeze. Treatment might be possible if caught early.

    Other hints of disease might be noticed whenever the trunk has tree bark missing or very loose bark. Our arborist will check for openings and splits in the trunk also, especially if recent.

Rotten tree with a damaged trunk
Tree being removed with a crane

Tree Removal Service - the 6 steps to getting rid of your non-viable tree

Once it is determined that your tree warrants removal, you can expect the following service steps from Tree Top Pros:

  1. Following your query, our firm will be more than happy to give you with a summary regarding optimal way to remove for your problem tree. Our company will also present you with a price estimation, for FREE. A visit to your house or property may be usually best in order to completely comprehend the scale of the task, most especially whenever removing multiple trees.
  2. Shortly after you accept our plan, a mutually acceptable appointment will be established so that our team can perform the job.
  3. There are Lee County ordinances as well as Florida state rules that govern removing trees - check the section dedicated to this, below. In most cases tree cutting in Lehigh Acres will demand that you obtain a Vegetation Removal Permit. Yet there are exemptions. We can direct you to the appropriate municipal departments to ensure you are on firm ground.
  4. We pride ourselves with starting work early. Our professional tree technicians will then start the project as carefully as possible. More time ensuring safety steps are adhered to means a safer, better job for our customers.
  5. We will subsequently take away your diseased or lifeless tree from your back yard and dispose of waste materials by re-cycling or reprocessing as needed. For tree waste that is not diseased or infested, you could retain the woodchips in order to keep moist your other yard plants and so decrease water sprinkling charges in the years to come.
  6. Long term tree care. With your permission, our team will check other trees on your property in order to offer affordable, long term tree care services to save you money and also time in the long-run. It goes without saying, "a stitch in time saves nine!" For example, prudent tree trimming is going to render your trees more safe in a storm by simply decreasing their wind resistance as well as diminishing the odds for them being blown over. Well-nourished and well-trimmed trees can add up to 10% on top of the value of your home says the US Forest Service so a little care will pay dividends over time.

Emergency Tree Removal

The above measures are suggested so as to increase your satisfaction with our work on your trees. However, our company can easily fast-track the procedure and respond more quickly when there's an emergency. For example, some of the permit work can be handled over the phone rather than in writing if your tree is an unacceptable hazard to people and property. Give us a call us and we'll outline the timings and a note of our approximate charges in order to undertake tree services that can’t wait.

Removal laws in Lehigh Acres

There are no recorded Lehigh Acres city-specific tree codes for when you remove trees. Nevertheless, Lee County Codes for tree cutting do apply. The ordinances are aimed at preserving tree species that are native to the local environment. These protected trees are shielded by county law from bad trimming practices and wanton removal, especially on industrial, commercial and land development lots. For clarity, the county administration has listed the protected tree species on their website.

For protected trees, a Vegetation Removal Permit is required from the County Administrator. But there are no less eight (8) exemptions listed to include:
- dying or dead trees
- trees destroyed by natural events
- trees on residential land if it’s less than five acres in area. It’s not quite as straightforward as you may think because this particular exception does apply if the residential property is found on several nearby coastal islands.

We will be happy to guide you through the regulations to the best of our local knowledge and furnish you with some municipal phone contacts so you can check the permit law as it applies to your own situation prior to any work starting of-course.

Cost to remove trees

We try our best to maintain our costs and also your invoice as affordable as possible. The prices vary based upon ease of entry, tree types, tree elevation and also proportions, the extent of the problem with your tree and if extra machinery such as a mobile crane is necessary. We provide affordable removal solutions since our company do not believe that cutting corners on safety and protection, coaching, insurance coverage and certification is the best approach to manage our business. Rather, our company firmly believes being fully insured and our workers properly trained is actually the best approach to prevent expensive damages to your dwelling and also to eliminate any conceivable responsibility on you, in case there's an accident to one of our employees. But you will understand our remedy to be well-considered, priced affordably and the work performed efficiently and with reduced risk. Our firm can provide you some savings by allowing you the choice to pick up debris just after the tree has been extracted, perhaps to keep as fuel. Our operatives are required to leave your lot tidy and debris-free but some logs can be kept back if you wish.


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