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Your trees – are they worth trimming?

“Oh yes, they certainly are.”, we say but then we’re tree trimmers. So why should you believe us?

The answer is that in terms of pure financial benefit for you personally, the numbers speak for themselves. There’s a world of difference between a tree which has been hacked about to within an inch of its life and a healthy tree in its full verdant glory.

We’ll start with the USDA Forest Service assertion that your mature trees will raise the value of your home by an average of 10 per cent. Furthermore, Management Information Services/ICMA says that landscaping based on the use of trees could increase your home's value by anything approaching 20%. At this level of return, it’s better to invest the money you spend on a kitchen remodeling project and instead spend it on landscaping with trees.

There is a downside to the equation, however. Because Moneysense state that much of your trees' capacity to increase property values depends on how well they're kept. In other words, badly trimmed trees will adversely impact on your property’s potential value and may depress its resell value.

With Tree Top Pros, you’re in safe hands because we abide by the gold standard of trimming standards in all our work in the City of Lehigh Acres. The ANSI A300 2017 Pruning standard mandates certain trimming practices that will extend the life of your tree and yet achieve practical trimming and pruning objectives. We’ll touch on the ANSI best practice later in this service description.

Venn Diagram comparing tree trimming with tree pruning

Trimming Definition

Tree trimming is simply a calculated practice in reaction to a danger brought on by a tree or substantial shrub. For example, a tree should be cut back should a limb impede a highway or path. While tree boughs remain in a high state of risk to endanger property, they ought to be cut down and also be taken out. Trimming may likewise be required in case that the whole appearance of the tree really needs improving for visual purposes.

Pruning definition

Trimming trees is quite similar and yet slightly distinct to pruning as the Venn diagram shows. Tree pruning is more of a scheduled, intended technique involving surgical cuts at specific locations on the tree and also at particular times of the calendar year so as to boost the tree's vigor or fruit production. In truth, however, the 2 terms are chosen interchangeably so any slight differences is usually just incidental.

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Arborist trimming a palm tree

When you should insist on a professional tree trimming service:


  • Your tree is reaching way too near to electricity power lines
  • Tree boughs are hovering near to or scraping the walls of your house or apartment
  • You could do with a more desirable or different shape for your tree
  • Your next-door neighbor is lamenting that your tree is towering above his yard
  • There are dead branches falling off your tree
  • Your trees haven't been actually trimmed within living memory
  • Your tree is simply excessively extensive to trim without a step ladder or climbing gear

Ring our business and speak with a licensed arborist to take a look at your trimming job. Our expert may drop by in case it's a big tree or there are a number of trees included in the work.

Our tree experts will give you a totally FREE estimate of affordable expenses with regard to the required tree services prior to commencement. Doing this leaves you safely in the driving seat which is how our customers prefer it!

How to trim a tree without killing it

You may be tempted to trim a tree yourself. In case you own a modest tree, it could be achievable IF you can secure the suitable equipment, a little information, you wear protective accessories and you ensure that your trimming project doesn’t warrant the use of a step ladder. A number of the common trimming mistakes our staff are faced with when out on jobs and just what to refrain from are described in these tips:

  1. A stub is left where the limb has been trimmed. Stubs will allow rot because trees can not heal these adequately. Instead, cut close to the primary tree branch or without injuring the 'collar'. Don't cut down too close since the cut is going to be slow to mend and foster rot leading to weakness in the principal limb.
  2. Cuts are sometimes very oblique to the direction of the branch and larger than necessary. Your trimming wound needs to be tidy and you have to try for the minimum cut face feasible. Otherwise, the cut is going to heal over more slowly, involving more energy that the tree can use elsewhere. So-called flush cuts are harmful to the tree and go against the advice contained within the ANSI A300 pruning standards; for good reason.
  3. Trees are sometimes pruned too dramatically. This harmful trimming practice is normally termed hatting or lion-tailing or hat-racking or topping. It’s outlawed by most municipalities and the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) who authored the ANSI A300 national pruning standards. This is because over-zealous trimming triggers rapid but poor quality growth supposing that it does not kill the tree. Instead, plan to trim back no more than a quarter of the total tree canopy and a maximum of 25% of each living tree branch within any one growing season.
  4. The tree's way too big to trim down. Untrained folks climbing into sizable trees can easily and does lead to a strong likelihood of injury along with property damages beneath and about the tree. Just never do this - phone the professionals.
man up ladder working on his own trees

How to trim a large tree without killing oneself

Simply say no! Call up Tree Top Pros instead. Cutting a larger tree safely demands that you use either climbing equipment or hydraulic/tracked bucket rigs. If using ladders in a tree taller than about 35 feet, there are three main areas of risk to your personal safety:

a). There's certainly a substantial likelihood of slipping from normal domestic ladders resulting in a major cause of back yard accidental injuries and worse.

b). Slender ladders resting against a swaying tree are inherently unstable especially with such a high centre of gravity after you have climbed to the top.

b). The limbs of bigger trees are, bigger and often much heavier than expected. What’s worse is that they often drop to the ground in an unpredictable fall pattern when cut. The seemingly random movement of the branch can easily knock out any climbing equipment and take out the very ladder that is carrying you aloft in your tree.

The odds are stacked against you when trimming a big tree yourself. The few dollars you save attempting a DIY trim are simply not worth it.


How to trim a small tree

Having understood sound guidelines from an accredited arborist and having implemented what you have learnt in the presence of an expert, you can attempt to trim a small tree yourself with minimal damage. We define a small tree as being less than 30 feet high. Our experts regularly discuss several of the basics within our monthly Tree Diary posts.

In terms of trimming tools, they explain the tallest length of commonly available tree-cutting hardware is about 30 feet. At this length extended pole saws are extremely unwieldy to operate even in experienced hands. So we usually recommend a maximum pruning saw pole length of 21 feet. Coupled with the reach of an average human adult, any branch higher than 27 feet is going to involve hazardous ladders. For the 3 reasons explained in the paragraph immediately above, we never advise that you make use of these to climb such trees in the interest of your own well being and safety. Our team has seen and know about way too many personal injuries. The moment you think of trimming, get in touch with our district arborist and she will demonstrate to you how to prune ... as well as trim.

Trimming Permits in Lehigh Acres

Plenty of local municipalities require that people hold a pruning permit before work begins on your tree, particularly in the event that it is positioned in a business or industrial space or even sited in a shared community living location. A number of state counties go a step further and demand a before and after trimming check. Our company knows the policies and codes in your local area and can easily guide you properly.



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