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Terrible hurricanes, lightning bolts, nameless thunderstorms, pest infestation  and water damage emergencies in Brevard County may each have a significant influence on the well being of your trees. Tree removal is a major answer to your tree problems in the picturesque harbor City of Melbourne when no alternative treatment of them can be found. Removing trees is an oft-used part of our business reflecting our local experience and expertise.

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Trees are simply astonishing

They clean our water, they oxygenate the air breathe, they diminish traffic noise and they slow the speed of climate change. Trees also underpin biodiversity due to the fact that they are a varied habitat to several flora and animal varieties. The Arbor Day Foundation has found that a single large tree will produce a day's supply of oxygen for up to four humans. They are without a doubt very good with regards to the planet, our ecosystem and they uplift our collective frame of mind. Over 95% of the time they are a solely favorable presence in Melbourne and also Florida at large.

So if trees are so beneficial, why remove trees? Why is this, the most drastic form of tree service, necessary?

Trees live and die

Palm trees have a lifespan of only 80 to 90 years which illustrates the mortality of a large portion of Florida’s tree canopy. If ever a tree becomes impaired in some way, its longevity will be curtailed further as the tree’s natural vigor becomes depleted early. The tree’s capacity to hold up aloft tons of wood and leaf is sabotaged and its demise can be hastened by any violent or windy storm. And so anytime that our company is called in order to assess your trees as part of our tree removal service, our staff will explore the following weak points in the tree of concern:

  • Lean - If ever your tree starts to slant towards a single side where it had not been leaning before, it could perhaps identify a severely damaged tree. Damage could be more serious when accompanied by bare and/or sagging tree branches with no leaves.
  • Roots - The well-being of the root system is every bit as significant for the well-being of the tree. If they indicate damage or disease, then your tree is most certainly at risk. Fungi seen on either the roots or perhaps close to the bottom of the tree trunk reveal that dead wood is very close by. Whenever there is a load of fungal growth (several mushroom-like protrusions), there will be no saving the tree and it is going to tumble down faster as opposed to in the distant future.

    An uplift of ground around the root system indicates a partly unstable tree. Just one powerful windstorm could very well prompt the tree to fall over, hopefully not on your house or onto anything of yours that is expensive to replace.

  • Tree Trunk - small wood fragments spread close to the base of the tree's trunk indicates that tree-boring beetles or insects are eating the inside of your tree and making a home there and multiplying too! In this case the destruction will happen largely hidden from sight. The tree will end up being steadily weaker from secondary diseases. Loss of structural stability is inevitable if the infestation is un-treatable leading to the tree’s early collapse.

    Some other indicators of problems can be discovered if the trunk has bark missing or very loose bark. Our arborists also check for unnatural spaces and fractures on the trunk especially if fresh.

    An increment borer and a sounding hammer in skilled hands can determine whether the tree’s trunk is hollow and by how much too. The threshold at which a tree becomes unsafe is usually if the trunk has a hollow void of more than around 30%.

Rotten tree with a damaged trunk
Tree trunk section being removed with crane

Tree Removal Service - the 6 measures to eliminating your problem tree


  1. Having received your call, our team will be happy to present you with a rundown of the most effective removal options for your tree. Our experts will, in addition, supply you with a cost quote, for FREE. A trip to your place will usually be a good idea in order to fully appreciate the scope of the task, particularly when removing a group of trees.
  2. Shortly after you approve our estimate, a mutually acceptable time will be fixed between us so that our team is able to carry out the necessary job.
  3. Currently there are Brevard County, Melbourne City and Florida state regulations that govern removal of trees - view our section below on this topic. Apart from a handful of non-native invasive tree species, removing trees in Melbourne will certainly demand a removal permit be obtained prior to the start of any tree work. Our company staff can guide you on the application process if you prefer.
  4. Our company pride ourselves on showing up on time. Our well-trained tree professionals are going to then undertake the work as safely and efficiently as they can.
  5. We can then take out your diseased or dead tree from your backyard and deal with waste tree parts by recycling or reprocessing as required. As an alternative, you could keep back the woodchips to keep moist your other backyard plants thereby reduce sprinkling charges in the future. Mulching is regarded as ‘Florida Friendly Landscaping’ so this is a solid service option for customers seeking to maximize the value from their removed tree.
  6. In order to save you time and cash in the long run, our staff can examine other trees at your property in order to recommend an inexpensive tree care plan as a "a stitch in time saves nine!". For instance, sensible tree trimming will certainly render your trees safer in a violent storm by reducing their wind resistance as well as lessening the possibility for the trees being possibly blown over.

Emergency Tree Removal

The above stepped actions are advisable to ensure your total satisfaction with our services. Nevertheless, our team is able to fast-track the procedure and can take action faster in the event that there's an unexpected emergency. County and city both have emergency permit provisions in their respective codes which help with speed of completing our removal service. Give us a call us and we'll quickly go through the timing along with our approximate charges in order to carry out emergency tree services.

Melbourne City law applies when you remove trees

We are not lawyers but in general there is a requirement that you seek a formal written permit from city administration when you remove, cut down or destroy any trees within city limits. We are aware of 14 exceptions including 13 tree species for which no permit is required. Examples of these include: Camphor Trees, Carrotwood Trees, Brazilian Oak and Australian Pine. Brevard County exempts most single and multi-family accommodation lots from their tree canopy protective laws as long as minimum landscaping standards are maintained.

We normally advise property-owners with trees to be removed to apply for such permits themselves. From time to time, unscrupulous operators in our industry will offer to include permit applications as part of their service and then don’t obtain said permits leaving the property owner exposed to court orders and fines. Nevertheless, we are happy to advise you on the various nuances in the code as far as we are aware, such as tree replacement provisions etc.

Removal Prices

We are one of those companies that try their level best to maintain expenses as low as possible. This is good news for customers because the tree removal cost we pass on is correspondingly smaller.

Unfortunately, we don’t publish a removal price list as the charges depend on a range of variables according to simplicity of entry, tree species, tree height and scale, the extent of the situation with your tree and in case additional machinery like a motorized crane is required.

We do not think that cutting corners in relation to safety and protection, training, insurance and certification is the most beneficial approach to operating our organization. Instead, Tree Top Pros firmly believes in being completely insured and our team thoroughly coached. This is the most effective basis to prevent costly damages to your property and also to protect any possible liability against you, if there's an accident to any of our team members.

So we anticipate you are going to discover our solution to be well-considered, priced fairly and the removal work undertaken efficiently and in safety. We are able to provide you some cost reduction by allowing you the choice to gather debris following the felling and processing of your tree, maybe to utilize as stove fuel. Our firm much prefers to leave your backyard tidy and debris-free but this is up to you.

Get in touch with our experts right now! Our team will be waiting for your call.

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