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Trimming Definition

The trimming of trees is normally a tactical action in reaction to a threat caused by a tree or good sized bush. By way of example, a tree has to be cut back if a limb obstructs a highway or even a sidewalk. When tree branches are in danger of damaging residential or commercial property, they must definitely be secured and also cleared away. Trimming is also called for in case that the owner of the tree wants to enhance the whole shape of the tree for aesthetic reasons.

Venn Diagram comparing tree trimming with tree pruning

Pruning definition

Tree trimming is much the same but a little distinct to tree pruning – see the Venn diagram to illustrate what we mean. Tree pruning is more of an organized, pre-planned and intentional technique involving precise incisions in particular locations on the tree. Pruning is also scheduled for certain times of the season so as to boost the tree's vigor or fruit production. In truth, both trimming and pruning are employed interchangeably rendering these differences largely academic.

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Get in touch with our team to request our tree trimming service whenever ...

- Your tree is climbing too near high-voltage electricity lines

- There are lifeless branches dangling down from your tree

- Your trees have never been trimmed within living memory

- Your tree is literally too huge to trim in the absence of ladders or other climbing hardware

- It’s the season for bad weather and you’re worried about damage to your trees

- Tree boughs are hovering close to or touching the exterior of your house or apartment

- You want a more attractive or unique shape for your tree

- Your neighbor is grumbling that your tree is leaning across the fence casting unwanted shade over her plants and lawn

Ring our team in order to chat with our arborist so he can take a look at your trimming project. He could visit in case it is a big tree or a group of trees need to be trimmed.

Our staff will give a FREE, competitive estimation of costs with regard to the requested services prior to any job commences. This leaves you squarely in the driving seat which is how our customers like it!

The single thing that we simply cannot assist our customers with is trimming their Christmas Trees ... unless it's a live one of-course.

How to trim a tree without killing it

You might perhaps be tempted to trim a tree on your own. Assuming that you have a modest sized tree, doing this may well be achievable IF you can find the necessary hardware, a little practical knowledge, protective accessories and you don’t use a ladder. It's arrogant to assume that we can summarize decades of trimming knowledge as well as practical experience within a handful of paragraphs. Having said that, five of the typical trimming slip-ups our staff see along with what to abstain from are described within these tips:


  1. A stub is left behind where the limb has been cut off. Such stubs will attract rot since trees cannot repair them fully. Rather, trim closer to the primary branch without touching the 'collar'. This is the slightly raised area that surrounds where a branch grows from another.
  2. Cuts are too close to the main branch - Don't trim too close because if the collar area is compromised, it will certainly be sluggish to cure and cultivate decay causing a weakness in the primary limb. In essence, don’t trim too far from or too close to the main branch.
  3. Cuts are way too inclined towards the direction of the branch and so bigger than needed. Your trimming snip will need to be clean and you must try for the smallest cut face possible. In any other case, the cut will definitely repair over much more slowly, requiring additional energy which the tree can make much better use of elsewhere.
  4. Trees are often being trimmed back far too much. This is often referred to as topping or hatting or poodle-cutting or lion-tailing. All forms of excessive trimming are a false economy as they promote weak growth as the tree desperately seeks to compensate for the loss of its foliage. Such branches are more inclined to fall to the ground during inclement weather, causing additional damage to the tree. Furthermore, a severely pruned tree will expose a lot of naked tree surface. This is an open invitation for pests to invade to. Severe trimming often shortens the life of a tree to just five years, after which you’re looking at a more costly tree removal project. Instead, aim to crop no more than a quarter from the tree’s whole canopy within any 1 year.
  5. The tree is way too big to trim. Untrained individuals climbing into massive trees can and does lead to a strong likelihood of a personal accident as well as property breakage beneath and about the tree. Just don't do it - contact the specialists.
Arborist high up in Florida pine tree
Gardener trimming a small tree

How to trim a large tree without killing yourself

Just say no! Phone Tree Top Pros instead. Trimming trees which are large in size requires climbing hardware and roped safety harnessing or even tracked hydraulic lifting equipment and bucket vans. There's a substantial danger of tumbling off regular home ladders leading to a major reason for garden accidents and worse. The branches of larger trees are, frankly, bigger and heavier. These fall in a random direction when cut and so have the ability to slice away at any climbing hardware. Falling branches can and often do take out the very ladder which is keeping you aloft many feet above the ground. It’s just not worth it. Thirdly there is the inherent danger of handling sharp, motorized trimming equipment high above the ground whilst precariously balanced on a ladder. Severe injuries are sadly inevitable much like a game of Russian Roulette.


How to trim a small tree

With a little practical experience at the direction of an arborist, you can possibly do this by yourself for your small trees. Our company discusses some of the basic principles and best pruning practices in our article on pruning here as well as in our February Tree Care Diaries here. We explain the tallest length of commonly available tree-cutting equipment which added to the reach of a human operative (that’s you, by the way) approximates to a total span of about 30 feet. Any tree higher than this will definitely demand unsafe ladders and our staff do not advise that you employ these up a tree for the sake of your own well being and safety. We have seen and heard of way too many personal injuries and know the three main reasons why as summarized in the paragraph above. The first time that you think of trimming, contact our local arborist who will gladly show you how to prune safely ... or even how to trim a tree.

Tree Trimming Permit

A lot of local cities require that people get a pruning permit in advance of work commencing on their trees, especially if their property and trees are placed inside a business or industrial zone or even found in a shared community living location. The City of Melbourne is different in that a trimming permit is only required if you intend to trim more than one fifth of your tree’s canopy. This is a clever way of encouraging conservative and sustainable pruning techniques in the city. We know the codes in your local community and can guide you as necessary.


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