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Destructive natural disasters, nameless, violent storms, water damage incidents and tree pest infestation affecting Ocala, Florida can have a critical effect on the health of your trees. Tree removal is certainly a major but indispensable remedy to your tree problems in Marion County. The safe removal of trees is a key part of our business operations and we pride ourselves on doing it well for local residential and business customers.

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Trees really are awesome

They cleanse our water, they oxygenate the air we all need to respire, they reduce intrusive noise and they slow down the rate of climate change. Trees also underpin biodiversity in Ocala due to the fact that they are host to many diverse flora and fauna types. According to the clever people at Arbor Day Foundation, an individual big tree will yield a day's supply of oxygen for as many as four people. They are certainly desirable concerning the planet Earth, our environment and they lift our spirits. Over 99.9% of the time they simply are a completely benign presence in our lives.

And let us not forget that large mature trees in good condition can add an average of 10% to the property’s appraised value according to government experts at USDA Forest Service.

So exactly what's the point of removing trees? Why is this, the most major and radical type of tree service, ever called for?

Trees are mortal

If a tree becomes infected with insects, nematodes or fungus, over time it will lose its structural strength which compromises its capability to carry aloft multiple tons of timber and leaf. A strong gust in a windy, violent storm is a test of strength for many a weakened tree and many are left wanting in their moment of truth against the elements. Therefore when our company are asked to take a look at your trees when asked to remove trees, our arborist will typically check for the following weaknesses:

  • Root System - The health and well-being of the tree's roots is also significant for the well-being of the whole tree. If they indicate breakage or rot, then your tree is quite likely in jeopardy. Actual fungus sprouting from either the roots or maybe near the base of the tree trunk indicates dead wood in a structurally important area of the tree. In case there is a large proliferation of fungal protrusions in this area, there will probably be no restoring the tree to good health. In this case the tree is doomed and will drop quicker as opposed to in the distant future.

    An uplift of ground about the roots suggests a partly uprooted tree. One single strong wind event could result in the tree collapsing, with some luck not on your property.|

  • Trunk - ground wood debris scattered about the bottom of the trunk indicates that tree-boring pests are busy burrowing inside laying eggs. In this instance the tree’s deterioration will most likely happen unobserved. The tree will most likely become more and more weak from secondary diseases together with loss of structural integrity. Again, the tree will fall down sooner rather than later.

    Some other signs of problems may be noticed whenever the trunk has bark missing or fairly loose, flaky bark. Our arborist will also check for holes, cracks and hollows within the trunk too, especially if fresh. A sounding hammer and an increment borer, in the right hands can tell how big the invisible hollow has become. If the hollow has grown to more than 30% of the trunk’s volume, then it is severely weakened.

  • Unnatural Incline - Should your tree begin to slant towards one single side where it was not slanting previously, this could identify a badly compromised tree. The problem may be more severe when accompanied by naked and/or sagging limbs with no leaves.
Rotten tree with a damaged trunk
Tree being removed with a crane

Tree Removal Service - the 6 moves to taking care of your nonviable tree

  1. Having received your request over the phone, our experts will provide you with an outline of the optimal course of action for your tree. They will, in addition, supply you with a cost quote, for A trip to your house or property will usually be ideal to completely comprehend the scope of works, more so whenever removing several trees.
  2. Shortly after you agree to our proposal, a jointly agreeable appointment will be set up between us so that our staff will be able to start the required job.
  3. There are Ocala city-wide and also Marion County code of ordinances that apply whenever you remove trees - check below for more detail. In many cases tree extraction will demand you obtain a removal permit. We are happy to direct you to the appropriate municipal department and advise on application and approval timescales. Beware that some unscrupulous tree firms will offer to apply for the permit on your behalf and then not actually obtain the same. This leaves you in a precarious legal position. So always ask to the see the permit if you go this route.
  4. We pride ourselves on starting work on time. Our properly trained tree technicians will then start the removal work as carefully as possible.
  5. Our firm will subsequently clear away your diseased or lifeless tree from your backyard and dispose of waste wood by means of re-cycling or reprocessing as necessary. Then again, you may keep any non-infected woodchips to mulch your various other garden shrubs and so reduce water charges in the years to come.
  6. Whilst on site, our team will look at other trees within your property and propose an affordable maintenance solution to save you money and time in the long-run. Because "a stitch in time saves nine!" For example, prudent tree trimming is going to make your trees safer in a violent storm by simply lowering their wind resistance as well as lowering the chance for the trees being blown over.

    One other reason to consider an ongoing tree care plan from Tree Top Pros is that your trees will only improve your property’s value if kept in good condition. Vanessa Santilli of Moneysense reports that your tree’s ability to increase your home or property value depends on how it’s maintained. What’s worse is that a tree on your land with dead limbs and missing bark will actually decrease your home’s value.

Emergency Tree Removal

The above steps are implemented in order to maximize your total satisfaction by using Tree Top Pros for all your tree work. Nonetheless, we are one of those companies that are able to fast-track this methodology and respond more quickly in the event that there is an emergency. Phone us and our firm will promptly outline the timing together with our broad costs in order to complete any urgent remedial tree work.

Ocala City and Marion County law over removing trees

Marion County Removal Law - A removal permit is needed before removing trees on land falling within Marion County jurisdiction with a Diameter at Breast Height (DBH) of 10 inches or larger, except for certain exemptions. Three of several exemptions are summarized thus:

  1. Emergency removal – If a tree poses a direct threat to people or their property; and
  2. Dying Trees - if a tree is dead or dying due to natural causes then no removal permit is required; and
  3. Residential lots - where trees are situated on land that is part of a single unit family dwelling, again, no permit is required.

Separate rules exist for the removal of trees as part of commercial land development in the county.

Ocala City Removal Law – For trees on land within Ocala city limits, removing trees first necessitates that you secure formal permission …mostly. One of the several exemptions recorded is for trees on land units of less than 3 acres located in an R-1 zoning district related to the construction of, or subsequent to construction and during use and occupancy of, a single family unit on the lot. Naturally, there are provisos to this exemption and this is just an extract from the fuller code.

Cost of removing trees

Tree Top Pros tries its level best to hold our costs and also your bill as reasonable low as we are able. The prices can vary according to convenience of access to the work site and the tree species to be removed. For example, removing a palm tree is a lot more straightforward than cutting down and carting away a mature live oak tree. We also have to take into consideration the type of the underlying problem with your tree, its height and size and whether or not additional machinery such as a tracked lift vehicle or motorized crane is needed.

So whilst we do not publish a price list, we will provide an upfront estimate once you explain the problem to us and we are just a phone call away.

We firmly believe that attention to safety, training, insurance coverage and licensing is undoubtedly the most beneficial approach to run our company. We also believe that your chosen tree contractor has to be fully insured. These measures are the most effective solution to prevent expensive damage to your dwelling and also to stop any potential liability against you, if ever there's an injury to any of our staff, heaven forbid.

Consequently, if you choose Tree Top Pros for the work then you are going to see our services to be well-considered, priced fairly and the removal done competently and safely. We can provide you some savings simply by allowing you the alternative to pick up debris after the tree has been removed, perhaps to use as fire wood. Our team’s preference is to leave your backyard tidy and debris-free.


If you want your trees removed, moved or improved, ring us now!

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