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Are you a private individual with a private residence or a business property owner/manager who wants help with their trees? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Our company wants to help you improve, move, remove or replace your tree in the City of Ocala.

We would like your trees to become much more of a boon to you and also your personal living environment. We can improve their condition and appearance so as to improve your property value.

Our firm can also make your trees much less of a risk to you, your property as well as other folks, say from stormy weather.

Our tree service support to both residential and business customers extends from tree planting and tree moving, to a tree maintenance plan, tree cutting and, of course, entire tree removal where required.

Beautiful palm trees in a street in Florida.

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What kind of tree problems do we deal with?

Our company tree experts routinely respond to following inquiries by people calling in to our office here in Ocala. Which one illustrates your own tree-related needs?

  1. I would prefer more extensive tree shade to cut down my air-conditioning monthly bills (by up to 50% says the American Power Association).
  2. I have a heavy-looking branch looming my home which might possibly fall down!
  3. I possess tall trees inside my yard which give rise to too much shade on my lower vegetation.
  4. I have a pretty big, old tree that is slowly but surely dying and needs to be removed. Are there any tree removal companies near me which will take care of it?
  5. A number of my trees need cutting to improve their condition. Shall I review tree trimming companies near me for skilled assistance?
  6. I am worried about storms causing damage to my trees and my building.
  7. I possess a tree that looks infected and unhealthy. Can it be revived in some way?
  8. I want assistance with local tree rules as they relate to my street.

How we operate

We are able to help with all the aforementioned tree problems raised by actual people on several occasions. In doing so, we abide by the following customer service principles:

  • Our company will supply our best estimate for the service entailed, allow you as much time as you need to mull over our fees on the other hand start straight away at a mutually convenient time.
  • We are going to respect your property and yard while working on your trees and do our very best to safeguard your property from the affect of any heavy equipment, for example.
  • Our company takes good care of our professionals with in depth coaching, well-kept gear and adherence to municipal, county, state and federal health and safety laws.
  • We firmly believe in beginning work on time for agreed appointments and will make sure to clear away tree waste after our work.
  • We’ll do our level best to indicate whether you will need any municipal or county permits before we start on any tree work for you. We’ll also point out which departments to contact and how long it will usually take any necessary, formal permission. We do not offer any legal advice as we are not qualified to do so. However, we are broadly familiar with local tree codes in Ocala and Marion County.
Tree trunk section in the shape of a heart

Our approach

Our experts are passionate about trees. We are lucky because the land around Ocala and in Florida at large features a lot more tree types in comparison to any other state, except for Hawaii. When healthy and planted in the correct location, they lend shade from the sun's rays, they oxygenate the atmosphere we breathe, they reduce storm water run-off, they help protect us from toxins in the ground and also they reduce greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide from the air. They sustain local fauna such as birds and beneficial insects which are essential with regard to the well being of our ecosystem. And healthy-looking matures trees WILL improve the market price of your home or apartment by up to 10%; we know because the USDA Forest Service says so.

But whenever trees are unhealthy, infected or mutilated, they can easily develop into a hazard. Within a city place, they're commonly left very little room to drop to the earth without giving rise to destruction to buildings and people. Whilst our experts much prefer to help nurture them back to rude health, some trees are too far gone. In such predicament, our team will likely propose their removal in the most cost-effective manner.

Our interest in trees includes the sharing of our professional arboreal knowledge wherever possible. With this in mind, we have started a regular monthly Tree Care Diary on this site which sets out some very doable tasks that any person with an interest in beautiful trees could do to improve their condition or just keep them looking great. The latest posts in our Diary can be found near the bottom of this page. In addition to the June 2018 Tree Care Diary, we have also added advice on how to look after your palm trees during the summer. Check it out here: Care for your Palm Tree this Summer

Safeguarding for our team's welfare at your property

Personal protective Equipment (PPE) is necessary with respect to pretty much any tree work, commercial or otherwise. A respectable service provider will certainly follow the rule of law in order to make sure that their employees are given protection when working at elevation as well as on the ground.

Despite having proper licensing, thorough training and also PPE, operatives can still encounter accidents. The majority of are minor and yet a few are not. Your tree services company is accountable for the expense of medical treatment in the event of injuries and for the loss of wages.

BUT… what if they renege on their responsibilities?

Arborist high up in Florida pine tree

Safeguarding you from liabilities

That being said, if ever the tree company does not cover injury-related expenses on behalf of affected workers, then you as the property-owner are next in line to pay for these types of expenses and also loss of income. So you can see that your chosen tree firm needs to have Workers Compensation Insurance in place to minimize your potential responsibility.

Our advice is to always question any type of tree removal firm you select if they have up-to-date Workers Compensation Insurance. Because without this necessary coverage there is a chance, albeit a remote one, that you may be liable in case there is an unfortunate incident at your premises.


Providing protection to you and also your property during the services

Incidents in our profession CAN happen, even after all sensible measures taken to minimize their likelihood. In order to steer clear of any adverse monetary impact on you and your house or business buildings, any tree company must have personal and also property damage liability insurance policy in place so as to take care of these sorts of incidences.

In point of fact, you should always check that any tree contractor that you hire has obtained this sort of insurance as well as Workers Compensation Insurance readily available by simply requesting to view their official documents of insurance. The last thing anyone wants is a 'Johnny with a chainsaw' wreaking havoc in your yard. The damage coming from plummeting branches can easily total many thousands of dollars. And you could be obligated in case the individual wounds himself as outlined above. Your selected contractor MUST be fully insured.

Do not allow anyone that cuts corners on insurance protections, to trim your trees!

Tree Service prices

In a single word, fair! Our staff like being busy and so we'll provide you the absolute best price that we can for whichever service you need. We offer the same great prices for tree trimming services as we do for tree removal and stump grinding. Any time you are comparing prices, don't forget to check up on whether your favored firm comes with all the insurance coverage in place so as to protect themselves, your home, your wallet as well as your next-door neighbor's building in the event of any accidental mishaps or, heaven forbid, injuries to the workforce.


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