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Are your trees really worth trimming?


We say a resounding ‘yes’, but then we would. After all, we are tree trimmers. Let’s turn to the experts for an impartial view.

Our USDA Forest Service says that mature trees will increase the value of your property by an average 10%. That’s a lot! And ICMA/Management Information Services reports that landscaping your yard based on trees can raise the appraised value of your home by up to 20%. This is a better return than having your kitchen remodeled, they add.

But there’s a flip side to having trees on your land. Moneysense magazine write that much of trees' ability to increase your property’s value will depend on how they are maintained. This means that trees that are neglected, looked after poorly or even trimmed badly will not reflect your home’s true value and may even decrease its market worth.

So we say that it is most definitely worth your while for your trees to be cared for properly and trimmed properly too. We can provide both a tree care service and a first class trimming or pruning service for residential and business customers alike in the city of Ocala.

Tree Trimming Definition

Trimming trees is a skilled response to a hazard brought on by an overgrown or untidy tree. So when a tree limb impedes a sidewalk or road, it has to be removed and disposed of. Similarly, while tree boughs are in danger of damaging buildings, these will need to be cut down and removed. Trimming might likewise take place whenever the general form of the tree is in need of sprucing to be more visually pleasing to the eye. Even though trimming is more benign than tree removal, a lot of damage can be done to a tree through poor trimming practices as we shall attempt to explain below.

Venn Diagram comparing tree trimming with tree pruning

It really is comparable but just a bit distinct to pruning. Tree pruning is actually more of a considered, intentional technique involving precise cuts in certain positions on the tree as well as at particular months of the year in order to boost the tree's condition or fruitfulness. In truth, the two words are made use of interchangeably so any slight differences in meaning are largely academic.

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Arborist trimming a palm tree

When to call us for trimming services

We believe you should get in touch with Tree Top Pros and ask us to trim your trees in the following circumstances:

  • When your tree is growing too close to electrical power lines
  • When tree limbs are hanging near to or even touching the exterior of your house
  • When you would like a more desirable or unique form for your tree
  • When your neighbor laments that your tree is towering above his backyard
  • When there are half-attached, dead limbs swaying beneath your tree
  • When you can’t recall when it was that your trees were last trimmed
  • When your tree is simply too large and extensive to trim in the absence of a step ladder or climbing gear
  • When you’re concerned that a forecast storm will bring down your trees onto property

Ring us in order to talk with a certified arborist to discuss your trimming job. She may well visit if there is a sizable tree or maybe a number of trees affected.

Our team will then present a FREE, affordable assessment of expenses with regard to the required task prior to any kind of job beginning. Doing this leaves our customers squarely in the driving seat which is how our customers like it!

The only thing we can’t trim is your Christmas Tree!

How to trim a tree without killing it

You may well be persuaded to trim a tree on your own. If you possess a modest tree, doing this might be feasible IF you obtain the right equipment, a little bit of practical knowledge and safety wearable’s. Whatever you do, don’t use a ladder. That said, several of the common trimming gaffes our staff notice and what to refrain from are described beneath within these trimming tips:

  1. Cuts are sometimes way too inclined to the direction of the branch and also bigger than necessary. Your trimming cut will need to be tidy and you should aim for the smallest cut face feasible. Otherwise, the wound is going to mend over more slowly, requiring additional energy which the tree could certainly use in other parts of the tree.
  2. Trees are often trimmed way too savagely. This is normally called hat-racking or topping and can stimulate poor growth in the event that it doesn't kill the tree. Aim to crop no more than 25% of the total tree canopy within any one year.
  3. A stub is left just where the branch has been trimmed. Stubs will allow decay since trees cannot repair these efficiently. Alternately, trim near to the primary branch or without harming the 'collar'. Don't trim too close since it is going to be sluggish to mend and cultivate rot causing a weakness in the main branch.
  4. The tree is too sizable to cut. Untrained folks climbing large trees can easily and does trigger a strong likelihood of a personal accident along with property damages beneath and about the tree. Youtube is littered with graphic examples of tree felling mishaps. Don’t let these costly and painful mistakes happen to you - call the professionals instead.
man up ladder working on his own trees

How to trim a large tree without killing yourself

Just say no! Contact Tree Top Pros instead. Pruning a big tree requires extensive training, climbing related equipment or even hydraulic lift bucket vans. There's certainly a huge risk of slipping off regular domestic ladders causing a major cause of backyard accidental injuries and worse. The branches of bigger trees are much bigger and exponentially heavier. When cut, these can compromise any climbing hardware and can and do take out the very ladder that's carrying you aloft. The twin risks of:
a). accidentally slipping off your ladder; and
b). being swept off your ladder from errant branches
are often wrongly dismissed. Surely your personal safety means more to you.



How to trim a small tree

Through practice and a few tips directly from a certified arborist, you MIGHT do this type of work on your own in relative safety but only for your compact-sized trees. Our team discusses a few of the essentials and also top pruning methods within our separate page here as well as in our February Tree Care Diaries. Our team describes the tallest reach of commonly available pruning tools that corresponds to about 30 feet after your own human height and arms’ reach is included. Any taller than this will need hazardous ladders and our company never encourage you use these to climb up a tree for the sake of your own safety. Our experts have personally observed and heard of way too many mishaps. The moment you think of trimming your tree, get in touch with our local arborist to demonstrate how to prune or how to trim safely and effectively.

Tree Pruning Permit

Marion County residents are not generally required to apply for a permit before trimming their trees as set out in their laws. However, the County outlaw the abuse of trees which can result from severe or even over-enthusiastic trimming practices. Unless expressly permitted, no-one shall cause the following damage to trees within the county. This includes their agents or the tree companies they employ. Such abuse or damage is defined broadly as:

a). Hat-racking
b). Pruning that leaves stubs or flush cuts (already covered above) or results in split branch ends – these all invite infection and decay from slow healing
c). Removing large swathes of tree bark
d). Using climbing spurs on boots to ascend trees unless it’s being removed permanently
e). Trimming or Pruning that does not by standards described within ANSI A300 Part 1) - 2017 Pruning and as subsequently updated
f). Cutting palm tree fronds which start above a horizontal plane (the reasons for this are clearly set out in our article on the Summer Care for your Palms available here)
g). Giving a tree an unnatural shape or over-lifting a tree

There are nuances in the codes so it’s always best to double check with the municipality beforehand.


Call our company now regarding your tree service requirements. Tree Top Pros are best at Removing, Moving or Improving trees.

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