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Helping you to prevent damage caused by trees during storms and hurricanes in Miami


Tree trimming is a tactical action in response to a hazard caused by a tree or large shrub. For example, a tree must be trimmed if a limb obstructs a road or pathway. Where tree branches are in danger of damaging property, they must be cut and removed. It can also take place if the overall shape of the tree needs improving for aesthetic purposes.

Venn Diagram comparing tree trimming with tree pruning

It is similar and yet slightly different to pruning. Tree pruning is more of a planned, deliberate action requiring surgical cuts at particular places on the tree and at specific times of the year in order to improve the tree’s health or fruitfulness. In reality, however, the two terms are used often interchangeably.

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Arborist trimming a palm tree

It’s time to call us for tree trimming services when…

  • Your tree is reaching too close to electrical power lines
  • Tree limbs are hanging close to or scraping the exterior of your home
  • You want a more pleasing or different shape for your tree
  • Your neighbor is complaining that your tree is looming over his yard
  • There are dead branches swinging from your tree
  • Your trees haven’t been trimmed in living memory
  • Your tree is too large to trim without a ladder or climbing equipment
  • There’s a storm coming and you’re worried about damage to your house or yard

Call us and talk to a certified arborist to discuss your trees. We may visit if it’s a large tree or there's a group of trees involved.

We’ll then give you a FREE, competitive estimate of costs for the required work before any work starts. This leaves you firmly in the driving seat which is how our customers like it! The only thing we can’t help our customers with is trimming your Christmas Tree... unless it’s a live one of-course.

How to trim a tree without killing it

You may be tempted to trim a tree yourself. If you have a small tree, this may be possible IF you have the proper equipment, a little knowledge, protective gear and the tree is short enough not to require a ladder. It’s difficult to encapsulate years of training and experience in a few sentences. However, some of the common mistakes we see and what to avoid are outlined below in these tips:

  1. A stub is left where the branch has been cut off. Stubs will attract decay as trees cannot heal them effectively. Instead, cut near to the main branch or trunk without damaging the ‘collar’. Don’t cut too close as it will be slow to heal and foster decay leading to weakness in the main branch.
  2. Cuts are too oblique to the direction of the branch and larger than necessary. Your pruning cut must be clean and you should aim for the smallest cut face possible. Otherwise, the cut will heal over more slowly, requiring more energy that the tree could use elsewhere.
  3. Trees are trimmed too drastically. This is sometimes called topping and can encourage weak growth if it doesn’t kill the tree. Aim to trim no more than 25% of the total tree canopy in any one year.
  4. The tree’s too large to trim. Untrained people climbing up large trees can and does lead to a high risk of personal injury and property damage below and around the tree. Just don’t do it - call the professionals.
man up ladder working on his own trees

How to trim a large tree without killing yourself

Just say no! Call Tree Top Pros instead. Pruning a large tree requires climbing equipment or hydraulic bucket trucks. There’s a huge risk of falling from regular domestic ladders leading to a major cause of yard injuries and worse. The branches of larger trees are, well, larger and heavier. These can knock out any climbing equipment and can and do take out the very ladder that’s keeping you aloft. This is the second area of high risk and it’s just not worth it.

How to trim a small tree

With practice and some pointers from arborists, you can do this yourself for your small trees. We mention some of the basics and pruning best practices in our separate article Tree Pruning article and also in our February Tree Care Diary. We explain the maximum reach of commonly-availably pruning equipment which corresponds to about 30 feet. Any tree taller than this will require ladders and we don’t recommend you use these in a tree for your own personal safety. We’ve seen and heard of too many accidents. The first time you think about trimming, call our local arborist and we’ll show you how to prune …or trim.

Tree Trimming Permit

Many local municipalities require that you obtain a pruning permit before work commences on your tree, especially if it’s situated in a commercial or industrial area or sited within a shared community living space. Some counties go a step further and require a before and after trimming inspection. We know the rules and regulations in your neighborhood and can advise you accordingly. Alternatively, we can handle the red tape on your behalf if you wish.

Call us now for all your tree service requirements.

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